How to make SEO articles on blogs properly and correctly
How to make SEO articles on blogs properly and correctly

How to Make Attractive SEO Articles – Making articles can be said to be tricky. Just like making dishes for family meals at home, if your dishes are delicious and full of flavor. Then the people at home will certainly eat your food deliciously.

Making articles can be said to be easy when we have found an idea of ​​what we are going to write. It can also be said that it is difficult if the opposite happens, where we do not have the idea or inspiration to make the article.

However, growing or finding inspiration to write an article is not that difficult. Before you look for inspiration in making articles, you must first understand some tips for making articles properly and correctly.

Tips on how to make good and correct SEO articles

  1. Determine the Themes You Will Discuss

Every writer must have an interest and interest in several things. It is this interest or interest that makes each writer different in the style of writing made between fellow writers.

Therefore you need to first determine, search for, or know what category you are happy with, which may be your interests and interests. After finding a theme interest like the one that you will discuss in the article that you will create.

This is a first step which will make it easier for you to create articles later.

For example, you are a person who likes things about cooking. Maybe you can make an article about technology with an example of the title “*** mobile specifications which will be released April 2020”.

Maybe you can make an article with this theme, but you can’t necessarily write a more in-depth article. It could be if you write according to your interests and interests.

Like the example above, for example, you have an interest in cooking. By knowing your interests, it will make you more able to write more creative articles and have deeper discussions.

Even in giving the title, maybe you will be able to make a more interesting title. For example: “How to make delicious Betawi-style fried rice and its secret recipe”. From this example, it can be seen the difference between writing titles according to interest and those that are not according to interest.

  1. Look for keywords

How to make SEO articles on blogs properly and correctly

If you read part no 2 this. I assume you already know what interests you will make the theme of writing your articles later.

Find keywords that match your interests or what articles you will create. After you find these keywords. Let’s now compile some of the keywords that you have obtained so that they can be included in the article discussion.

  1. Find Reference Sources

After you find the keywords for the articles that you will make. Next, you have to find reference sources for discussion from other websites.

You are required to read articles and discussion content that are discussed by other websites. After that you need to note the various points discussed by other websites.

  1. Review Competitor Content

After you do as suggested in number 3. Then next you have to assess what is lacking from competitor websites.

After finding what is lacking from competitor websites, you should look for these shortcomings by looking at other websites. Then you combine the points that you have noted. And arrange the points into a good order.

  1. Article Framework

At this stage I am sure you have found the points and ideas of what you will make the article on. Creating an article outline is necessary before you start writing. With a good framework arrangement, it will certainly make it easier for readers to understand the content of your content.

  1. Provide Actual Data

How to make SEO articles on blogs properly and correctlyIf you make articles that contain certain information that requires credible data. So it’s good for you to display that data in your content. This will add value to the trust of the readers for your blog.

The actual data that you can display can be in the form of quotes from popular books or from other media such as television, radio, etc.

  1. Create a Clear and Catchy Title

As writers, of course we need readers, right? so that our articles can be read and useful for others. So we have to give at least an interesting title to our article. This is to increase the value of clicks when your article is on search engine pages.

In addition to adding SEO value to your content, you can also add or insert keywords or keywords in the title of your article.

  1. Insert Appropriate Image

The image function in an article certainly adds aesthetic value to the article. But not only that, the image function in an article is very much.

Some of the image functions in the article are :

1. Add beauty to the article

2. Make it easy for readers to understand the content

3. Provide SEO value which is of course very useful for your website

  1. Content Density

Quality content and not, of course, are very different and have significant differences. You can judge it from how dense the discussion is in the content. The denser the content of the content is certainly very good for the reader.

In addition, content that is sufficiently dense means that there are not too many unnecessary frills. It will definitely make readers like your content and make your blog also liked by readers.

  1. Recommend Other Articles]

If you feel the article you are writing is too long, then you want to share the discussion in another article. It is not a problem that you should pay attention to. Even by sharing the discussion, of course this can make it easier for readers because the article is not too long.

However, it can also increase your SEO score and the number of PAGEVIEWS on your website. If you have succeeded in making an article well, there are a number of technical things about SEO below that you should pay attention to, so that the quality of your article is better.

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5 tips to make articles more SEO Friendly on the On-Page side

How to make SEO articles on blogs properly and correctly

  1. Number of words in the article

Discussing SEO is something that can be said to be uncertain. Because, everyone has different knowledge and experiences in terms of SEO. As in discussing the right number of words so that the article is more SEO for everyone, it is certainly different.

Some argue that SEO articles are at least 500 words, at least 500-700 words or more, and other statements. For personal admins, a good article, of course, has a large number of words. But wait, of course an article with a large number of words must have a good discussion too.

  1. Permalink URL

For permalink questions you may already know it. For those who don’t know, you can insert your keywords in the permalink section. This is useful for increasing the on-page SEO value of your articles and website.

  1. Main Keyword in First Paragraph

If you see a lot of websites with various techniques, which try to place the main keyword in the first paragraph of their content. This is highly recommended, because if you see articles on other competitors, they also do a lot.

  1. Keyword Derivatives or LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)

You also don’t forget this important side. This seeks to make the SEO value in your content in Google’s eyes very good. Because it has many keywords in your article.

  1. Placing Keywords In Alt Image

When you insert a picture in your article. Don’t forget to do this. Because even this has good enough SEO value for your content.

In conclusion, how to make seo articles properly and correctly is arguably tricky, right? Therefore you have to learn it slowly, don’t be in a hurry. Later, if it’s normal, it won’t be as difficult as it was when you first made it.