13 Best Christmas Movies on Hulu You Can Stream Right Now


Finally, 2021 is coming to an end and we know that it has been a roller coaster ride but we hope we can end this year on a happy note. The holiday season is just around the corner which means it’s time to take out the Christmas ornaments from the attic, purchase a Christmas tree, prepare some hot cocoa and cookies, and gather all your loved ones to have the best time this Christmas.

The best most comforting way to celebrate this year is by curling up on a couch for a Christmas movie marathon. Most of Christmas would already be airing on different TV networks, but make sure you have subscribed to a Dish TV service to access the TV networks that you want to view. If you want to decide what TV networks you want to access you can go through the DISH Channel Guide so that you can make an informed decision.

You can go the other way as well – binge-watch your favorite Christmas movies on a streaming platform. Whether you are looking for a heartwarming rom-com, a festive fantasy, a holiday horror movie, or a Christmas classic, Hulu has it all.

In this article, we will list down all the best Christmas movies available on Hulu right now. 


The Holiday

This is a lighthearted romantic comedy that narrates the lives of two women: Iris, a society columnist from Britain, and Amanda, a movie trailer producer from America. Both are fed up with their love life and keep swapping homes in each other’s countries. Much to their surprise both women fall in love with a local guy and realize that the approaching return to their home country will likely end the relationship. The holiday is an all hearty and merry movie and is especially a good fit for Christmas lovers.

The Mistle-tones

This is a made-for-TV musical movie in which a talented singer, Holly forms a musical band after getting rejected from the singing competition, Belles, in an attempt to compete against her rival on Christmas. The movie has a bit of an emotional touch to it so get tissues ready as well.


Happiest Season

This is a holiday romantic comedy where a longtime couple, Harper and Abby, planned to visit Abby’s family over the Christmas holidays instead of going to visit Abby’s conservative parents. Abby plans on popping the big wedding question on the holidays but she is shocked when she finds out that Harper has not yet come out to her parents, which makes her question their whole relationship. This movie captures a range of emotions tied to being true to yourself, wanting to be accepted by your family, and trying not to ruin Christmas.  

Dear Santa

This is a heartfelt documentary that sheds light on United States Postal Service’s 100-year-old “Operation Santa” program. Every year, millions of children around the country send letters to Santa that arrive at the post offices. Via the Operation Santa program, the USPS launches an initiative where people can adopt these kids to make a children’s dream come true. Throughout the documentary, various states of the United States are shown as people making the wishes of kids from all over the country come true.


Every Other Holiday

This is a holiday family rom-com where a recently divorced couple, Tracie and Rick, spend every other holiday with their daughters, Ava and Harper. But both Tracie and Rick decide to spend Christmas with their daughters at Tracie’s farmhouse on their daughters’ wish. The temporary reunion will be no walk in the park, but it can end rekindling a past romance between Tracie and Rick.

This endearing holiday rom-com will most likely hit all the emotional sweet spots given the storyline.


Wrapping Up

Picking out the best Christmas movies to watch with your family or friends can be a tedious endeavor. Given there are a number of options out there, choosing one that everyone in your family will enjoy watching can be difficult. The above-mentioned list can be helpful there. These are some of the best Christmas movies of recent time that will surely put you and your family members in a merry mood.