There are many things you should consider when creating content especially if you are developing a blog as part of a strategy content marketing brand or company.

The reason is, for your content marketing strategy to work, you have to make sure the articles you create are not only interactive but also perform well on search engines.

Then how? how to write SEO articles friendly in order to have a good performance in search engines?

A recent study of article content stated that there are various metrics that can support the performance of the content, one of which is the characteristics of article text such as the following.

1. Pay attention to the length of the title of your blog content

how to write SEO articles - EKRUT
Pay attention to the length of the title so that your article performance remains good in search engines – EKRUT

Not only do you have to create content titles that attract readers, you also have to pay attention to writing article titles that have good performance on search engines like Google.

There are several factors in writing article titles that can affect traffic and reader engagement in your content.

Research mentions the average length of articles with headlines (H1) more than 14 words have better performance than headlines shorter between 7 and 10 words.

Articles with titles consisting of 14 words or more also get 5 times backlinks and 2 times traffic and share higher than articles with shorter titles.

In addition, titles containing less than 7 words are considered less attractive. This can be seen from traffic and numbers share which is twice as little as articles with 7 to 10 word titles.

From this data, you can see that longer titles encourage people to read and share them on social media.

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2. The longer the content of the article, the better the performance

how to write SEO articles - EKRUT
The longer the article, the better it will perform in search engines – EKRUT

Not only have to pay attention to the topics to be discussed, a content writer must also consider the length of the article he wants to make because these characteristics affect the performance of the content on search engines.

Research shows that blog article content with a length of more than 3000 words performs better on search engines than articles with an average length of 900 to 1200 words.

Articles with a length of more than 3000 words are able to be interesting traffic 3 times more, 3.5 times backlinks more, and 4 times more shares on social media.

This is much different from articles that have a shorter word count, such as articles with a length of 300 to 900 words that have numbers share much less.

This shows that readers are generally more interested in reading, engaging, and sharing blog content that has more complete information.

However, that doesn’t mean all the content you create has to be long format. You can still readjust to the target, purpose, and type of content you want.

3. Title type listicle have better performance

how to write SEO articles - EKRUT
Article titles starting with numbers generally perform better – EKRUT

How to write SEO articles friendly The next step is to create a title or content with type listicle. It’s not only the length of the character in the title of the article that you should pay attention to. The type of title is also an equally important factor that supports the performance of your content in search engines.

Article title with type listicle and starting with numbers, it turns out that it attracts more readers and is shared more often on social media.

Articles with this type of title are generally twice as often shared and visited by readers as articles with other types of titles. One reason is that this type of title looks simpler and easier for readers to understand.

As for the other types of article titles that are also often shared on social media, the next is the title type in the form of “How to”, then the title type is in the form of questions and guidelines.

Meanwhile other than listicletitle type that gets number unique page views another higher is the title type which is a guide and how to do things.

If you already know what type of title is being shared more on social media and visited by readers, you can adjust it from now on.

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4. Quantity list in the article affect performance

how to write SEO articles - EKRUT
The number of lists in articles also affects performance in search engines – EKRUT

In the previous section it was explained that articles with titles and content listicle generally perform better on search engines and social media.

It turns out that not only the placement of numbers in the title, the research says that the number of lists / list in article content of type listicle also turned out to affect the performance of the article.

For example, performance article which has 6 list in every 500 words turns out to be better than an article that only has 3 list with the same number of words.

This shows that the more the number of lists contained in the article content with type listicle it, the better the performance.

5. Enter some backlinks into the article

how to write SEO articles
Backlinks will help increase traffic into the content you write-RECRUT

The fifth way to write SEO articles you need to remember is to include links backlinks into the article, well that internal links or external.

Like link internal links will help direct more traffic to posts and will increase the engagement of the site’s readers that they will stay on the site long enough.

Meanwhile, for external backlinks will increase the validity of sites originating from reputable sites. Readers will also get an overview of credible related reading sources from the information you provide.

6. Optimize images in article content

how to write SEO RECRUIT articles
Optimize the images you put in articles – EKRUT

In addition to creating quality content, you also need to optimize images. The reason is that in how to write SEO friendly articles, images become content that is easy to share and can be of interest to readers.

The way to optimize images is by adding keywords into the image file, insert keywords into the ALT tag of the image and optimize the image size to be smaller so that it is not burdensome loading pages.

Also, make sure that the images used are not copyrighted. It would be even better, if the existence of the image is an original image that you designed yourself.

7. The structure of the subtitles will affect traffic and engagement article

how to write SEO articles - EKRUT
Use subtitles on your blog articles appropriately – EKRUT

You may have often used the subtitle format to make the article look more interesting, right? Keep using subtitles in the blog article content.

The reason is, the same research also states that as many as 36 percent of articles that have subtitles H2 and H3 actually have better performance in the category traffic, shareand backlinks.

This indicates that articles that have subtitles heading 2 and heading 3 is considered to have a better structure, as well as its performance in search engines.

Even so, you have to pay attention to the use of subtitles so that it is not too excessive. Research says only 11 percent of articles containing subtitles up to H4 have good performance.

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There he is how to write SEO articles friendly for you to pay attention and apply in strategy content marketing this year.

Even so, don’t forget that in addition to implementing the characteristic structure of the articles mentioned above, you also have to pay attention to the quality of your content so that its performance is maximized.

how to write SEO RECRUIT articles
Last update: 6 December 2020


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