Internet marketing experts at review how popular marketing solutions GetResponse and ClickFunnels stack up against each other

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Undecided whether GetResponse or ClickFunnels is the better all-in-one solution for your business? The internet marketing experts at have published their in-depth comparison of the popular tools to help online businesses choose the best marketing solution in 2020.

The BlogCharge team breaks down the similarities and differences of GetResponse and ClickFunnels, honing in on their pricing plans, funnel builders, email marketing tools, automation, integrations, and more.

While both GetResponse and ClickFunnels are powerful platforms that can help streamline your marketing efforts, Blog Charge reports that ClickFunnels is for agencies or marketers who build funnels for clients:

“ClickFunnels is the more superior funnel-building platform. Its interface is smoother and easier to use. If the monthly cost is no object, we recommend ClickFunnels as it can save you more time when creating your webinar, leads, or sales funnels.”

On the other hand, Blog Charge recommends GetResponse for newer or smaller businesses that want to build funnels and have access to email marketing and automation tools at a lower cost:

“GetResponse is the one that alleviates the need for a third-party email marketing plugin. It has more extensive email marketing, automation, and analytics tools, and at a lower monthly cost as well. If you’re on a limited budget and are still growing your subscriber list and audience, GetResponse offers a good place to start.”

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