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The Blotter is taken from stories filed with Charleston Police Department involving July 28 and Aug. 3. No a person described in this segment has been observed responsible, just unlucky.

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Blotter o’ the 7 days: A handgun was stolen out of a car or truck parked at a West Ashley condominium sophisticated. We aren’t certain who to decide on in this problem, the man or woman who acquired a pink 9 mm, or the determined thief who stole it.

Following tracking down the offender in a strike and run collision in West Ashley, officers found an “uncollectible quantity of cannabis” in the offender’s vehicle. Of training course, that suggests a tiny quantity, but section of you has to question if it was just much too quite a few tons of weed for one particular officer to gather.

At a West Ashley lodge, a female discovered that her area experienced been damaged into. The thief built off with a Roku unit, that means they get mediocre streaming services and mediocre channels. Justice is served.

Law enforcement investigated an spot following watching a gentleman take off working behind a fence. The officer identified a handgun and a flip-flop in the place and alerted other units. Before long just after, a male matching the description was detained, and by god there he was, sporting a single sandal. We know what you might be contemplating — caught red-footed — but in accordance to the report, the flip-flop was black.

A man’s backpack was stolen downtown. Economical documents with the victim’s social protection number had been in the bag together with his Clemson class ring. If the compound of the report is any indication, however, the missing ring was seemingly significantly more vital to the male than the menace of id theft.

Just after colliding with a fence and driving by means of five backyards, a woman’s car was found by officers to have missing its motor along the way. This just isn’t a euphemism — the car or truck motor basically fell out of the motor bay and was on the floor when officers arrived. This may possibly be a single of the few moments when a vehicle missing a battle to a fence.

A probable cause look for of a West Ashley car yielded a digital scale, 2,000 multi-colored tablets, a handgun and a youngsters bookbag with 8.1 grams of cannabis. Obtained to begin them off youthful?

One guy started listing off the different illicit things in his auto following a traffic halt, culminating with about 70 ecstasy tablets in his underwear. Now, the report would not point out there being a container, so we are imagining 70 loose capsules clattering in a man’s briefs, and now you are too.

A man’s truck was described stolen from his driveway on June 31 just after he remaining the keys in the center console. The truck was described as a white dually, with a Citadel sticker on the window and a “Don’t Tread on Me” bumper sticker. Your Citadel Bingo playing cards are most likely filling up by now…

Through a traffic halt, the driver of a auto was requested if there was nearly anything illegal in the vehicle, to which the man replied, “Like what?” Alright, dude. Now suspicious, but nothing at all damning but. The officer requested if there was marijuana in the motor vehicle, and the man said, “No,” but reportedly shook his head indeed. (Surprise, there was weed in the vehicle.)