By Claus Hetting, Wi-Fi NOW CEO & Chairman

Brazilian Wi-Fi administration and advertising and marketing company Mambo WiFi states it is now products and services additional than 3,500 places and some 10 million end users. The corporation has been in procedure given that 2017. The advancement trajectory has been quick and it is still pointing sharply upwards, claims CEO Katie Pierozzi.

Remember how Wi-Fi advertising and marketing companies have been all the rage a few a long time back? Right now there are a whole lot fewer of them about and in several methods, it is nevertheless a challenging company to be in. But a couple of – such as Mambo WiFi of Brazil- seem to be to have threaded the needle on how to make genuine price with Wi-Fi.

Mambo WiFi CEO Katie Pierozzi.

The highroad to success in Wi-Fi marketing includes a strong community existence, the appropriate applications, and the capacity to customise platforms to meet customers’ specific requirements, suggests Mambo Wi-Fi CEO, Katie Pierozzi. The corporation is primarily based in Sao Paolo and has in the study course of the previous couple of calendar year certain substantial regional and regional manufacturers that Wi-Fi marketing and advertising is a point – and that it works, she says.

“Business large and small in Brazil are beginning to have an understanding of the electrical power of Wi-Fi internet marketing and what we can do for them. We made a Wi-Fi captive portal answer for Avianca Airlines that in only 40 times created 50,000 new loyalty system subscriptions,” she claims.

In a different occasion Mambo WiFi labored with regional integrators to supply Wi-Fi at Brazil’s biggest prepare station, Central do Brasil in Rio de Janeiro. The station is household to a staggering 700,000 passengers a day, and they are Internet hungry. “In Brazil, far more than half the inhabitants takes advantage of pre-compensated cell programs, so they frequently rely on Wi-Fi to entry the Internet at decrease cost. The free Wi-Fi at Central do Brasil has turned out to be major value to travellers,” Katie Pierozzi states.

Katie claims Mambo WiFi also serves up Wi-Fi at Rio de Janeiro’s large AquaRio aquarium and at the park Peineiras Corcovado situated at the foot of the Corcovado mountain, famously adorned at the leading by the Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) statue. Tens of 1000’s of friends have used Mambo WiFi to obtain park and aquarium details – as effectively as of system the Internet, says Katie Pierozzi.

Future techniques for Mambo WiFi? To conquer marketplaces in Portugal and – not least – in other elements of Latin The united states. “There is so significantly option out there and we just cannot hold out to begin our international growth. Even within Brazil we’re of course energized that the government is considering releasing far more spectrum to Wi-Fi – this will be a further massive improve to our business. The Wi-Fi future seems very vibrant indeed,” claims Katie Pierozzi.