Five Nines

Five Nines, an Information Technology Services Provider headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska was named the top Information Technology Services Provider in Nebraska by a global assessment for the second time in 2020. Five Nines has been named as one of the world’s premier managed IT service providers (MSP) on the prestigious 2020 annual Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings. For the 13th year running, MSPs from around the globe completed an exhaustive survey and application this spring to self-report product offerings, annual total and recurring revenues, profits, revenue mix, growth opportunities and company and customer demographic information. Applicants are ranked on a unique methodology that weighs revenue figures according to long-term health and viability; commitment to recurring revenue; and operational efficiency. “In all of the IT managed service providers that Nebraska has to offer, Five Nines stands as a shining example of excellence,” says Kris Blackmon, Senior Content Director- Channel Partners, and Channel Futures. Blackmon also said, “These benchmarks [that were evaluated] are what local businesses should examine when choosing an IT managed service provider with the experience, skillset, business knowledge, and defined strategy to help them succeed in this fast-changing digital landscape.” In addition to being named one of the top managed IT service providers in the world, Five Nines was recognized as the top ranked Information Technology Service Provider in Nebraska. “I appreciate very much this recognition of Five Nines as a top MSP business nationally. It is a reflection of our people’s accomplishment, our clients’ partnership, and the supportive community and economy we have here in Nebraska and Iowa,” James Bowen, Five Nines Founder and CEO said. “In the midst of all things 2020, this serves as encouragement that our path, strategy, and contribution to local business has indeed set us apart.” In May, Five Nines was among the top managed IT service providers recognized by The Channel CO for delivering operational efficiencies, IT system improvements, and a higher rate of return on investment for their customers. This marks the 8th year in a row Five Nines received this recognition. For 14 years, Five Nines has partnered with Nebraska and Iowa-based companies to establish and grow their technology operations. With offices in Kearney, Central City, Lincoln, and Omaha, Five Nines is the largest, most capable IT service company in the Iowa-Nebraska region. Learn more at