Steven Lazarus, a meteorologist and Florida Tech professor, stands alongside a lidar device and a portable weather tower Sunday morning at the Sand Castle condominium complex in Satellite Beach.

By deploying wind sensors across Satellite Beach, Florida Institute of Know-how researchers hope Tropical Storm Isaias will help engineers have an understanding of how intense gusts damage homes within suburban neighborhoods.

About 9 a.m. Sunday, “a minor R2-D2-wanting unit” took a commanding situation around the dune line at the Sand Castle oceanfront condominium intricate, said Steven Lazarus, a meteorologist and Florida Tech professor.

This stubby-formed device is a ZephIR 300, which uses lidar (a pulsed laser) to measure wind speeds up to 1,000 ft higher than the floor.

Two hours later on, a Florida Coastal Monitoring Plan crew erected a transportable 10-meter weather tower a couple of ft from the ZephIR 300. Then they set up a next weather conditions tower in the Satellite Beach front Publish Business office parking large amount on South Patrick Push, around a 1.3-mile push inland.

These wind-pace instruments will obtain data throughout Isaias — in tandem with 16 wind-force sensors on the roof of a Ellwood Push one-spouse and children house, two blocks from the beach.

Researchers with the Florida Coastal Monitoring Project set up a portable weather tower Sunday morning in the Satellite Beach Post Office parking lot.

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Lazarus explained researchers will review the Isaias anemometer info more than the coming months.

“We want to see the change in wind profile as it goes from the seaside to a suburban atmosphere,” said Jean-Paul Pinelli, a Florida Tech mechanical and civil engineering professor.  “Our goal is to greater fully grasp the response in between the hurricane winds and the construction. Most of the information that we have will come from wind tunnels. They are good — but they have limits mainly because they are scale styles,” Pinelli reported.