Nick Wakeman

GAO rejects declare of ambiguous solicitation conditions

Best-price evaluations for contracts have definite subjective regions and in this new dispute, the arguments surrounded the definition of terms applied in the deal.

Following the Homeland Protection Office issued its solicitation for cybersecurity assist, the Federal Acquisition Services Group OASIS Joint Venture submitted an objection with the Authorities Accountability Office. The business also recognised as Quickly complained that terms in the solicitation were being imprecise and ambiguous.

The GAO has turned down that argument but the determination highlights the obstacle and worth of comprehension what your buyer is attempting to say.

With the GAO selection, DHS is totally free to award the 3-year, $22 million agreement that is staying competed as a job buy beneath the OASIS car or truck.

Speedy lifted objections in the earlier overall performance section of the solicitation to multiple phrases this sort of as “at a tactical stage,” “ability to support,” “ability to independently establish and determine,” and “transcend beyond [the] position quo.” The enterprise stated the phrases have been puzzling and open up to various interpretations.

DHS argued that Rapid “cherry picked” the terms and they are apparent if read through in context of the entire solicitation.

Quickly elevated identical objections in other sections of the solicitation. But GAO rejected people as well, ruling that taken in context the solicitation was clear.

Though this was not mentioned in the GAO choice, it appears to be there are previously possibilities to request for clarifications prior to a remaining solicitation is launched. So if you do not comprehend, the time to request is right before the ultimate request for proposals, or in this situation the request for quotations.

If the final is out and you however don’t have an understanding of, a greater strategy may possibly be to not bid at all.

Posted by Nick Wakeman on Jul 27, 2020 at 12:03 PM