Garmin releases Edge 1040, its first solar-powered bike computer

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Garmin has released the Edge 1040, its first bike computer to be powered by the Sun.

In recent years, the company has launched a number of watches that make use of its “Power Glass”, which charges up the device with the Sun as it hits the front of the device.

But the Edge 1040 is the first time that technology has left the watch.

Garmin says that the solar charging will give users another 42 minutes per hour when they are riding in the daytime, and takes the battery life up to 100 hours in battery saver mode.

The new cycling computer includes a range of other changes: new GPS technology for better and more accurate positioning, as well as an overhaul of the user experience. Garmin is also releasing a non-solar version of the Edge 1040, which will include those features.

It is available now and costs £630 for the solar version, or £520 without it.

The Edge 1040 takes its place as Garmin’s flagship cycling computer, replacing the Edge 1030 Plus. That arrived almost exactly two years ago, and itself replaced the then three-year-old Edge 1030.

It includes all of the features that those top-end cycling computers have had, with turn-by-turn navigation and full maps, as well as support for on-device rerouting and third-party apps.

But the 1040 also brings new features that have so far only been available in Garmin’s watches, such as a “stamina insights” tool that aims to tell them how much energy they are likely to have left. That is made more specific to cycling with a “power guide” that will tell them how hard to push through a course.

It also builds on the coaching tools that Garmin has added to its recent devices. The new computer includes a “cycling ability” tool that aims to classify a rider’s strengths and weaknesses, and matches them up with future courses.

While Garmin often adds updates from new hardware into its older devices, those updates will not come to other bike computers, including the 1030 Plus.


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