The community app Gem2Go gives citizens a good overview of what is happening in their community. You can be reminded of important appointments, and all online forms on the website can be used there can be accessed, downloaded and filled out directly in the app. The latest feature is that you can also pay contactless with the Gem2Go app. This is made possible by a cooperation with the Austrian fintech startup Bluecode.

Video: How Gem2Go works

Pay contactless: win-win for retailers and citizens

According to Christian Pirkner, CEO of Blue Code International AG, this results in a “win-win situation” from which both retailers and citizens benefit. “On the one hand, users of the Gem2Go app can make contact-free payments by mobile phone and at the same time take advantage of attractive bonus programs such as digital stamp passes, vouchers and competitions from local dealers or free admission to community facilities such as outdoor pools. Local and regional shopping is also rewarded, “he says:” On the other hand, retailers can offer secure cashless payments, win new customers with the wide-reaching Gem2Go app and strengthen customer loyalty with individual bonus programs. “

Start in Kremsmünster, rollout throughout Austria

Kremsmünster in Upper Austria is the first municipality to use contactless Bluecode payment together with regional businesses via the Gem2Go app. About half of the population there uses the Gem2Go app.