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Just because there is a longer article on a website doesn’t mean that Google sees the website as high quality and relevant. But there still seems to be a widespread opinion that long texts are synonymous with good rankings.

Google repeatedly points out that there is no causal relationship between the length of the text or the number of words and the rankings. this is shown by the following examples:

Another clear indication in this direction was given by Johannes Müller on Twitter. He replied to a message from a user who complained that his post with over 1,000 words was not indexed. Müller wrote that a 1,000 word article on a website doesn’t make it special, nor does it mean that the content automatically appears in the search:

Google: A 1,000 word article doesn't make a good website

Instead of focusing on the length of the text and the number of words, one should concentrate on answering the questions and needs of the users. If that succeeds, a short text can also be successful and achieve good rankings.

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