In a Reddit discussion, Google’s John Mueller recommended supplied greatest tactics for transforming domains or redesigning and updating a site. He focused on both equally the constructive and detrimental troubles to be involved about.

Mueller started by evaluating changing domains to a redesign. He a area transform with no big difference in site or articles is not as disruptive as a redesign can be.

Domain Identify Variations are Normally Protected

A a person to a single exchange is where the site composition and information stays particularly the very same and only the area title changes is a comparatively secure.

Of system, there are other issues that can go incorrect, like a legacy spam penalty that is latent in the new area.

But Mueller was speaking in common and producing a relative comparison involving two types of changes (domain transform as opposed to a redesign and update).

Mueller stated:

“You’ll most likely see much more fluctuations from the redesign / revamp than from the domain identify alter. Moving items 1:1 from just one area to a further is – for the most portion – a non-concern.”


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Prospective Affect of Redesigns and Web site Composition Changes

Publishers normally make major improvements to the design and internet site framework in buy to result an affect in web site functionality. Vibrant men and women don’t correct what is not damaged, correct?

Still even even though a person endeavors to strengthen a site, there may possibly even now be unintended consequences.

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Mueller Claims Look at Out For This

He describes the opportunity for upsides (superior Search engine optimisation) and downsides (adverse effect on lookup rankings).

“Moving involving CMSs, rebuilding a web page, restructuring it: shifting URLs, considerably shifting the structure, altering the inner linking, all of all those matters can drastically effects a site’s effectiveness in research (and it can go up too, it is not constantly down — you can do issues to improve Seo right after all).”

Stagger Your Variations

Mueller now advises that it might be useful to stagger your changes, to put into practice them in levels (section 1, phase 2, etc.).

He mentioned staggering improvements in the context of modifying a area and redesigning/updating the site framework.


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The explanation to stagger significant variations is to be in a position to give appropriate attribution to enhancements and to be equipped to understand what brought on a negative effects as effectively.

Building adjustments all at once can make it near impossible to untangle which improve negatively impacted rankings. Not employing adjustments in a number of phases will make it significantly tough to establish which modify demands to be rolled again or enhanced.


“If you do that and shift domains, you won’t know why there are alterations, and which is exactly where a large amount of the internet site go stories occur from.

If you need to have to do each, I’d consider to break up it time-sensible so that you can identify any negative consequences in just about every section, and get motion to improve them.

If you do everything at as soon as, you’ll by no means know what to fix, and even if things close up “same as before”, you won’t know if 1 aspect went down, and was compensated by an improvement on the other component. Retain points controllable & trackable.”

When Main Variations Take place Beyond Your Manage

Mueller then commented on the predicament where by modifications are going on and you are powerless to impact a key affect.

I have been in that predicament as lookup promoting marketing consultant. A big multinational company I was consulting for was procured by a bigger enterprise in a multi-million greenback deal.

The primary domain title was replaced by that of the greater company. The two internet sites were being joined collectively.

When the domain improve and website update took place (at the identical time), I re-crawled the internet site to identify 404s. I then developed a spreadsheet recommending to which pages they really should redirect to and which web pages really should remain as 404. Other challenges ended up figuring out gentle 404s, lacking photos and so on.

This is what Mueller explained:

“Sometimes you simply cannot break up issues out, if you will need to revamp & transfer for causes previously mentioned your shell out-grade, attempt to preserve items as controlled as possible (monitor all the information), and established anticipations correctly.

You can’t eliminate all pitfalls, but realizing them will make it less complicated to make decisions, and to figure out steps to acquire when they occur (which may possibly be “hire extra SEOs” in its place of “fire all the SEOs”).”


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Modifying domains can be painless if there are no variations to the internet site framework or a key redesign.

Redesigning a web-site and/or updating the web site framework is a path to advancement but could introduce unintended outcomes.

When effecting multiple adjustments, attempt to stagger the improvements in a number of phases in order to be ready to roll back again a terrible alter and deal with it.

Not staggering alterations can make it hard to pinpoint what went mistaken (as properly as what went right).


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