Google’s Splitt: Meta Description Provides Content Summary

Google’s Martin Splitt tweeted that meta descriptions offer Google with a summary of what’s vital about a web page. This would seem to increase what SEOs considered about meta description factors.

Seo and Meta Description Things

Meta description HTML things (also recognized as meta description tags) are commonly comprehended to have restricted Web optimization value. In the previous, owning replicate meta description things sitewide had been mentioned to have a negative ranking result. In other text, the meta description could induce an Search engine marketing ranking impact.

But it was also recognized that meta descriptions are not ranking aspects.

So how to reconcile equally of these observations about the Seo worth of meta descriptions? How can some thing have a negative impact on rankings however not be a ranking factor?

Martin Splitt provided an intriguing assertion about how Google utilizes meta descriptions.

He mentioned that the meta description (along with the title factor) presents Google with a top rated level summary of the world-wide-web website page.

Right here is what he tweeted:


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“Well, they and the title are producing up the to start with effect of what another person exploring sees from your site and aids Google Lookup to get a small summary of what you take into account essential about the website page.”

When asked for clarification, Martin restated what he had explained:

What Martin appears to be declaring is that the meta description element contributes to aiding Google comprehend what a internet webpage is about.

Google’s Webmaster Traits Analyst, John Mueller, stepped in and made available that meta descriptions are not ranking elements.


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Mueller’s contribution to the discussion, that meta descriptions are not ranking things aligns with what look for marketing understood about meta descriptions.

It’s appealing that Mueller did not comment on meta descriptions possessing a job of providing a high  amount summary of what a page is about, a job that is very similar to the title ingredient.

The title aspect has traditionally been observed as a ranking element. Leaving aside whether which is correct these days or not, the other role of a title element is to supply a description of what the world wide web website page is about.

What Martin Splitt would seem to be indicating is that the meta description factor performs a equivalent part to the title tag as significantly as summarizing what a world-wide-web website page is about.

That is diverse from what the research internet marketing local community understands about the meta description aspect.

Has some thing transformed, is Martin telling us something new?

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Meta Descriptions Assist Google Recognize Information?

Martin Splitt has said in the earlier that he’s not included in the ranking part of search. Which is a surprising assertion from an individual who is included in Google’s Website positioning Fantasy Busting video clips.

This is what he claimed in a JavaScript Web optimization video clip:

“I don’t really remedy ranking queries simply because …I’m not doing the job in the ranking portion of things.”

Does Google search truly use meta descriptions for knowing what a world-wide-web page is about, very similar to how Google works by using a title element?

Martin explicitly said in a tweet that meta descriptions aid Google have an understanding of “what you care about in phrases of content…

But John Mueller didn’t appear to confirm it while.

Watch Martin Splitt state that he’s not a portion of the ranking component of lookup out?v=vC-Bh_c2sQg

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