Living inside a car may seem scary but those who have tried it might never be coming back to the concept of being tethered to a fixed home.

This is the age of speed and mobility. We have come far ahead of the times when only underemployed men or surfer dudes chose to live inside their cars and buses. The present era is seeing a lot of millennials and entrepreneurs opting to sell their homes and live out of their cars. An on-road life does not only give flexibility and mobility, but, saves the rent, maintenance costs, and not to mention, time too. While safety and security might be the area of concern for some, many have found the solution in the form of safe spots and solidarity with the vandwellers community.

Living inside a car may seem scary to some of us, but, those who have tried it once, swear by it. They might never be coming back to the concept of being tethered to an immobile, fixed home. Nothing gives wings to wanderlust as does a mobile home. If you are in the market for some different options or if you are a beginner, looking for an optimum car to start your journey, your search is over.

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The best car of the decade to start your vandweller journey is Ford Transit Connect.

It Is Affordable

Ford Transit Connect Camper Van Conversion Comfort Amenities
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The first thing while choosing home on the wheels, is affordability. Ford Transit Connect checks this box off readily. You can easily pick a brand new mid-level XLT up, at $ 29,000. However, a used model in a good condition is equally good as an option, as buying a new one. The 2010 Transit model is better for camping purposes than the other models of the same brand. A used 2010 model can be easily found in the market and it won’t need any extra work till 250,000 miles. It is a great option for people with fixed budgets.

It can be grabbed and fully converted at just $ 12,000 – $ 15,000. It will also come in handy for those people who have not yet fully decided if they want to live out of a car for extended periods of their life, and just want to try the thing out, first. However, if you are not short on budget and want a dream car for camping, find the ten best camping cars here. 

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Space, Fuel Economy & MPG

Ursa Minor pops the top on the Ford Transit Connect of
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Not originally a camper, but, easily convertible, Ford Transit Connect has ample space to live comfortably. With a seating capacity for 15 people, it can easily fit a comfortable bed, a sink, a one person work space and a chunk of lounging space for those leisurely activities. The best thing is it also has an extended roof, which can fit up to a 6 feet 5 inches person standing in the cabin. It has much larger cargo space than most of the other camper vans. With some creativity, a Transit can be converted into a pure utilitarian sleeper vehicle at minimal costs.

According to Car and Driver, it is extremely fuel efficient and a newer model earns 19mpg and 27mpg in the city and the highway respectively. A used model also gives relatively the same mileage. Whether you opt for a used model with Ecoboost V6 engine, or, a new model with a turbocharged four cylinder engine, both are powerful and agile. In fact, you can use some tips to get better fuel economy in your Transit.

Cheaper Personalization Costs & Maintenance

Custom DIY tiny van 2012 Ford Transit Connect
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Transit is an excellent choice for conversion and personalization as the costs are dirt cheap. A little imagination goes a long way in making it optimum for all the stay – at – home amenities. There are numerous DIYs and cool projects available on YouTube, for making it easier for the people who want to transition. The repairs and maintenance are largely hassle free and cheap too. The spares can be found in almost any corner of the world. With the help of freelancers and/or experts easily found on Craigslist, one can experiment with a lot of layouts until they find what they like best. Recently, Contravans did some major conversions fit on Ford Transit Connect.

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Easy To Drive, Reliable & Stealthy

2010 Ford Transit Connect Camper
via DriveSpark

Transit’s driveability is just awesome. The compact size makes it easy to drive, park, and maneuver. It has FWD and it handles really well on almost all surfaces, including snow. It drives like a regular sedan and offers a decent ride through varying terrains. What’s more enticing, is it is extremely reliable and two – times as a daily driver car too.

Another plus point of choosing Transit Connect is that these vans are mostly used by large companies for logistics and as fleet vehicles, so, it is very easy to blend in, or, find spots in the city, or, narrow streets. This makes it a perfect choice for stealth camping.

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