Dear Readers: What happens if a person you know, a close friend or family members member, asks you to co-indicator a loan? Most economical advisers will discourage you from expressing sure. Why? Let’s acquire a search.

According to the Federal Trade Fee (, when you co-indicator a personal loan, you are declaring that regardless of any predicament, this bank loan will be paid. But what if the borrower can’t pay back and you don’t have the funds to do so possibly? If the payment is late, service fees and penalties can accrue, which will incorporate to the volume owed.

Be informed that the creditor can collect from you initially, ahead of accumulating from the borrower. The creditor may perhaps take action against you, together with filing a lawsuit versus you and even garnishing your paycheck or bank account. What a mess!

Never ever pledge products to protected this bank loan, these kinds of as your car, jewelry or furniture. If the bank loan does not get paid, you could shed this home.

It’s all right to say no. “No” is a entire sentence! As a substitute, you could possibly offer you the human being some hints on conserving up hard cash, or you could gift the individual a portion of the revenue, but the threats for co-signing are various.

Expensive Heloise: I want to study how to use my computer that my grandkids gave me for my birthday. They notify me there’s so substantially I can do on it: compose a letter, do my banking and bill-shelling out, chat with my pals and relatives on social media web sites, investigate new and delectable recipes and even participate in video games.

But mastering about it appears too much to handle, and I never know exactly where to go for aid.

— Ginny in Texas

Ginny in Texas: I bet your grandchildren would adore to educate you Computer 101, or they can come across a tech particular person in your spot who can give you some ideas. Or, when you have an World-wide-web provider, use a search engine to pose a question about laptop or computer finding out. The keyboard on your pc is a lot more or much less the exact same as a typewriter.

Don’t be scared give it a whirl, and I’ll anticipate an e-mail from you telling me how huge your computer know-how is!

Expensive Viewers: As the summer months carries on, and covid-19 is however in entire swing, it’s important not to get complacent and careless about prevention. Below are some reminders:

● Through the working day, wash your fingers normally for 20 seconds with cleaning soap and drinking water.

● Keep your distance from many others 6 feet is encouraged.

● Putting on facial area masks is critical to secure you and many others.

● Clean up and disinfect often touched surfaces in your house and car or truck.

These hints are from the Centers for Condition Manage and Avoidance (, a reliable resource throughout this pandemic. Let’s all do our aspect to assist manage the distribute of this virus. We’re in this with each other, and we will get by it.

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