Build quality website SEO

It seems that you also already know that Competing with Top Websites / Blogs is the best thing so that the website that we have built is easily recognized by many people. In principle, something that wants to be developed to be successful will of course go through certain efforts and efforts.

Especially regarding the website / blog. Creating a blog is easy, you just log into gmail and register a new url, so a blog will be created. You can then fill it in as you like and start publishing new content according to what you can share with the world.

But in reality, it is not only content that can complement the blog so that it can be successful and developed, there are actually many special tips that also take part in the development of the blog and that must also be prioritized. And all of this is important for you to understand further so that you always believe in the principle Do not give up! let’s Improve your blogging skills.

Is the form of optimization on the website or blog? Of course! The answer is YES !! SEO optimization. But not by doing optimization from within alone.For example, optimization of making titles, which we know as one of the onpage optimization techniques, is not only developing your creativity in creating content but also optimizing the website / blog according to the wishes of the search engines themselves, namely hunting for backlinks. quality for off-page.

How to build good SEO on a website or blog

Here I will share a little of my experience on how to build a smart SEO website or blog so that it is easier to develop then can be more powerful and can compete on search engines so that later you will know how important SEO Dohir and domir on Blogs are.

1. One-Page SEO

One-page SEO is optimization or efforts to optimize the website from within the website itself and this is always optimized for content creation, but more than that there are supporting parts that should also be paid more attention and some of those things are:

1 # Website / Blog Templates

This is the very first thing that you should take into account, even though someone comes not because they want to see the appearance of your website, but still it will be something that can make visitors feel comfortable.

Templates are the focal point of the reader’s view so try to use a good looking template and don’t make your eyes sting. other than that the speed of access to a blog starts from a template. Therefore from now on to take into account the convenience of users when accessing our website / blog. also regarding widgets, you should install the Best Widget For SEO Friendly Blogs.

2 # Meta Tag

Templates aren’t enough either. even though it is light, very responsive and mobile friendly, but if the meta tag structure is still unstable then how can it be a blog that can compete well in SERP? The meta tag is optional and it must be implemented.

but using meta tags is also not arbitrary, a good meta tag which can work by telling search engines that this is a special section and should be indexed or not indexed. We often get cases of using meta tags that are not good in cases of duplicate meta titles and descriptions on Google’s Webmaster tools. I have experienced it myself.

3 # Template Data Structure

This too is sometimes forgotten. In template optimization, sometimes we only focus on optimization for speed improvements, display management, meta tags and forget about one important thing, namely the template data structure itself.

A good template is one that has no errors in the Hatom structure and has the best possible set of heading Tag management. Here I can’t recommend what template you should use and whose, but Indonesian Bloggers who make the average template have templates according to Google’s SEO standards. The latest blogger default templates also have that.

Off-Page SEO

Contrary to one-page SEO, offpage optimization is an effort to optimize a website that is done on the outside of the website but the relationship is to strengthen the website so that it is more powerful to compete in search engines. what are the Off-page?

1 # Backlink

Do you know Backlink yet? If not, this is the prison. Backlink is a link or a link located on another site that leads to the website that we manage. Another definition is also known as inbound links. Backlinks are one of the most important weapons in the development process of search engine optimization (SEO) on a website.

The function of the backlink: The function of the backlink to help a site to be in a good position in search engines. on average, a site that is always in the best position on the search engine because it has a high level of quality backlinks so that it really helps a site get a good position in the eyes of search engines like Google, Bing and friends.

2 # Social media

Social media is part of off-page SEO optimization and can increase visitors. And until now there are so many blogger friends whose blogs are no longer integrated with Facebook because the way they share articles is not in accordance with the applicable rules. they play unsafe.

They do spamming so that their blogs can no longer join Facebook. Therefore you have to be very careful in sharing articles to social media. If you take a wrong step! Blogs will be considered SPAM.

3 # Webmaster Maintenance

There are so many webmaster maintenance but the most dominant thing to pay attention to is how to handle crawl errors. If there is a problem with a crawl error on the blog. So your task must be resolved immediately.