Deciding to have a blog, of course, must be prepared to regularly upload articles regularly. The articles that are uploaded must also be of high quality and the writing rules are easy to understand so that they can give good performance on the Google search engine. Bloggers must know how to make articles SEO good and correct friendly.

This is so that the articles written will be easier to be on the front page of Google. Actually it is possible to write articles without having to pay attention to SEO, it’s just that the possibility of being on the front page of Goggle is very small. For that, see how to make SEO articles that can make articles on the first page of Google.

1. Use Keywords That Users Frequently Search for

Usually users will search for the articles they need using keywords or keyword. This is intended to make it easier to find the articles they need. So make sure you have to know who the users are who come and read the article. That way it will be easier to make the right target keywords typed on the Google search engine.

If the article focuses on cosmetics, the keywords that users usually enter are those related to beauty, skin health and also how to care for skin. Customize it keyword which will be used so that users can more easily find articles written. Also make sure the keywords are in the article title so that users will stop by and read the articles that have been written.

2. Create a Title That Invites Clicks

After using keywords that are often searched for by users, the next way to create SEO friendly articles is to create titles that invite clicks. The point is to create an attractive title so that users will findclick the article. Even though sometimes making the title will be difficult, especially if it is fixed on keywords, it must still be made as attractive as possible. Also make sure the title of the article is easy to read and continue so that the user will immediatelyclick the article.

3. UseInternal And External Links

The way to make the next SEO friendly article is to use internal and external links. By taking advantage of these two links, users will get a further explanation of the main topic in the article. An internal link is a link that is indeed addressed to an article on the blog. Meanwhile, an external link is a link that points to another web or blog site. Both have different functions. Internal link has a function to convince users to visit other articles that have been created. Meanwhile, external links have a function to be the basis for a question asked by users.

4. Use the Right Heading Structure

To make good SEO friendly articles, you must use the right heading elements. In SEO articles there are usually several headings that can be used and generally the ones that are commonly used are heading 1, heading 2 and heading 3.Each heading has its own function, make sure you don’t get it wrong placement so that the article is interesting to read. Heading 1 is generally used to create article titles. Meanwhile, the second heading is used as a sub-title of the uploaded article and heading 3 explains the important points of the article.

5. Create Short Paragraphs

In making an article, it must be short but still informative. Try to keep your paragraphs short so that users don’t get bored of reading them. It also aims to make it easier for users to digest and understand the meaning conveyed by the articles being read. Don’t make paragraphs so long that users leave the article without finishing reading it.

That’s how to make SEO friendly articles so they can attract readers. By making an article according to SEO, of course it will be easier to be on the front page of Google. If the article is on the front page of Google, it will be more frequently visited and read by users.