how to seo a website

Previously I had written an article about meaning of SEOand this time I will try to review a little about steps for website SEO so that our site can rank on Google and other search engines.

Maybe quite short, but I wrote this based on what I learned and some personal experience experiments, as well as from several other references.

Hopefully what I wrote can inspire you to understand more about practical steps for implementing SEO on your website.

Alright, let’s move on…

Build a Blog For Your Website

If you want create a successful websiteyou should also consider building a blog on the website.

The point is, in addition to increasing the trust of visitors, it is also to provide credibility in the eyes search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so on.

How can blogs increase trust in the eyes of visitors?

Just imagine, what would happen if someone came to our shop and asked the shop assistant, but the shop assistant didn’t talk about our products. In other words, the product knowledge is zero. Hmm, that’s a bit embarrassing for sure…

Well, blogs can function like that.

The visitor may not find the product/service he is looking for. But when you go around reading other content on our blog, who knows, he might find other information which he might need.

Remember, the key word is “INFORMATION”.

So slowly but surely, within him will grow a sense of trust that our website is worthy of being used as a reference / reference regarding the product or service that is being sought.

Likewise for search engine.

Blog is one of the important elements so that our website fulfills its purpose. If we always update the content, they are para search engine bots this will be more and more like.

About how how to create a blog, if we use a WordPress website of course this will be very easy, no need to bother anymore how to make blog features. Because as a CMS, WordPress already provides this facility.

The question now is, how do we create a blog that is liked by search engines?

How to SEO a Website Using a Blog

how to seo a website
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This summary of tips on how to SEO a website or a practical blog I got from a writer, expert, as well as an SEO practitioner, his name is Mas Seonubi Diar.

  1. Determine the theme or topic of the blog.
    Before we create a blog, determine the main topic that we will stretcher, because later it will be the title of the blog which is then translated into a blog description. Of course, this topic is also relevant to our website as a whole.
  2. Research keywords / keywords (KW).
    Do this first when you want to write a blog, then it’s a good idea not to be too eager to chase keywords that have great traffic potential. Start with small potential, the important thing is that we have to understand the working principle. If it can appear in search results with light keywords, then we increase it by using keywords that have heavy competition. In principle, what is important is that it appears in search results first, using light keywords, it doesn’t matter.
  3. Post relevant content.
    Create quality content. Create unique and useful content, but don’t leave the main topic of the blog. Then create links between pages, so between pages promote each other. If many pages are read by visitors, the blog is considered quality.
  4. Prepare Onpage SEO.
    For example, optimizing the use of keywords in the Meta Title, Meta Description, and so on, according to the results of keyword analysis.
  5. indexing.
    While waiting for your post to enter the Google index, you can share it on social media so that the post is indexed by Google faster.
  6. Do Offpage SEO.
    For example, you can use a commenting backlink pattern, backlink wheel / pyramid, submit to social bookmarks, and so on.

If I may say, these 6 steps are the essence of basic SEO efforts. It’s not very complicated, even for beginners.

What’s hard is the issue of writing interesting and selling articles, as well as GOOGLE FRIENDLY so that it’s easy for GOOGLE to find. Because after all, building a blog requires a strong determination to write.

That’s the challenge.

Then, Where Should I Start?

Well, after you read the reviews above, now it’s all back to you. If you want to learn on your own, you can learn to apply the 6 basic SEO steps above in sequence and practice, practice, practice…

Start by making relevant posts and practice keyword research often. Because this is really important to do.

And if you are really serious about honing your SEO skills to build a website and earn online income, meet the following SEO MENTOR references:

  • Satria Rashid which organizes SEO Mastery – Click here
  • Latif Pakpahan Pejwan Class SEO course manager – Click here

They are experienced SEO practitioners and have a LONG experience.

But if you feel you are already dizzy, then there is nothing wrong with using third-party SEO services. Even so, it’s also good that you still understand the concept.

What is clear, there is no shortcut to pejwan. There is hard work, smart work, and sincere work…

Alright, hopefully step by step tips how to SEO a website Using this blog is useful for my friends. Please submit in the comments column if you want to share about SEO.

Help me share this article to make it more useful.