In order for many YouTube videos to be watched, we must know the right way to seo YouTube. SEO itself is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Youtube itself is the second largest search engine after Google.

Then how to optimize videos on youtube? do you need a youtube seo tool or do you need a youtube video backlink? Well this time will provide YouTube SEO tips and tricks for those of you who are just learning youtube seo.

Define Video Keywords

Keywords or keywords on YouTube videos are very influential on the ranking of YouTube videos in search results. You have to look for keywords that can make your videos appear in the first rankings of google search or youtube search results.

In Indonesia itself, there are several very popular keyword themes including:

  • tutorials
  • review
  • funny and funny videos
  • kids cartoon

So, to make it easier for you to research YouTube keywords and make videos, use one of the 13 Popular Keyword Youtube Videos .

Make a “Good” Video

A good video in the eyes of YouTube, has several criteria. These criteria are very important for you to fulfill in each of your videos. Here are some criteria for a good YouTube video in the eyes of YouTube:

Videos with lots of comments

How to SEO Indonesia Youtube so that videos enter trending
Number of Comments

If there are many comments on the newly uploaded video , Youtube considers the video to be a video that is liked by the public . It is very likely that the video will enter Trending Video because many people are talking about it.

Number of Shares

How to SEO Indonesia Youtube so that videos enter trending share videos
Share Videos

If a video is widely shared , YouTube considers that the video is of high quality . So after uploading your video share your video to all social media and don’t forget to ask your friends and relatives to share your video on social media.

Videos Watched With Long Duration

If your video has a total duration of 5 minutes, then the audience should watch your video above 2 minutes. If your video is watched only for a few seconds, then YouTube considers your video uninteresting. You can see the average view duration of a video on your YouTube Channel Analytics Dashboard.


If after watching your video the audience immediately subscribes, then Youtube considers your video very interesting so people subscribe to your YouTube channel and look forward to new videos from you. Even though getting viewers to subscribe to your youtube channel is very difficult, at least try to get viewers to subscribe.

Number of Likes

How to SEO Indonesia Youtube so that videos enter trending number of video likes
Number of Video Likes

Of course there is no need to explain this again , because if the video is liked a lot then YouTube will automatically know it .

Those are some of the criteria for a video to be considered “good” by YouTube. Your task is to think about how to make YouTube videos so you can get the criteria above.


In addition to the above criteria, Youtube also has an Algorithm where YouTube channels that upload YouTube videos regularly will make their videos popular faster than videos from YouTube channels that rarely upload videos.

Upload Videos With YouTube SEO Techniques

So, this is the point of this article, which is a good and correct YouTube SEO method so that videos are watched a lot.

How to SEO Indonesia Youtube so that videos enter trending How to write titles, descriptions and tags
How to Write Title, Description and Tags

Video Name

Make sure your video file name contains the keywords you are targeting. For example, if you are going to make a video with the main keyword funny video 2016 then your file name must at least contain that sentence.

Video Title

Make sure your video title is no more than 5 words, because if the video title is too long, the title will be truncated in google search results and the information submitted is not effective so that viewers are reluctant to click on your video.

Don’t forget to put your main keyword at the beginning of the video title. For example, if your main keyword is How to Shrink Stomach, then a good video title is How to Shrink Stomach in 1 Month.

Video Description

Video descriptions must be well written and utilized as much as possible, Google does not index a video but text. So here is your chance to make a youtube video that ranks 1 in Google search results.

The main key in writing a Video Description:

  • Enter the Main Keyword at the beginning of the video description paragraph.
  • Write a Description of at least 250 to 300 words
  • Re-enter the Main Keyword in the middle and end of your video description.


When uploading a video, you can add some relevant tags to the video you are uploading. Enter 5 to 8 keywords naturally. Don’t forget to also enter the Main Keyword in the video tag.

The tag on this youtube video is useful so that YouTube can find out what type of video is this? Thus Youtube can easily give video suggestions to the audience.

How to Increase the Number of Youtube Video Views

After uploading a video, of course you don’t immediately get a large number of views, now there are 2 simple ways that you can do to increase the number of views on your YouTube video:

  • Share to Social Media and invite your friends to watch, like, comment and subscribe to your youtube channel
  • Share to Kaskus Longue Video

That was the Youtube Seo Method, starting from how to optimize videos on YouTube, how to research YouTube keywords and other YouTube video trick tips.