How to write and place SEO Quality Keywords

How to write and place SEO Quality Keywords? – Keywords or keywords are one of the important roles in SEO, keywords are generally placed in the ARTICLE TITLE, in META, in TAG and also in certain locations in the article, a good title is of course a title that has SEO quality in it and contains the keywords that we are aiming for, and a good and quality title must have relevance to the overall article content.

Before determining the title of the article, one of the important things that we should not leave behind is searching and doing keyword research for the title, to do so please read my article about keyword research with google keyword planner, and also so that the keywords we use can increase traffic significantly, we should look for keywords that are really in great demand, please also read: 5 ways to find the most searched keywords.

How to write and place SEO quality keywords

The title doesn’t seem too heavy in the eyes of search engines if it doesn’t contain the keywords we target, and it feels less if when making it without doing research first, when making an article title you should not just make it, because there are rules of the game, if you want to. involves SEO in the articles that you create, but if not you can freely determine the title and fill in your article at will. You need to know that articles that are easily found by search engines are SEO quality articles that are well optimized, both on page SEO and off page SEO.

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A. Tips for Writing Quality SEO Blog Keywords?

When we have got the keywords the next step is to make these keywords into an SEO quality article title, and also place these keywords in recommended locations in SEO, the steps are as follows:

1. Determine the keywords that we target,

The keywords we target are that if we do a search with these keywords or with relevant keywords, the articles that we make will be easily found by search engines. The keywords we aim for usually consist of 2 to 3 words only. eg “Onpage Seo Optimization”, “Garutan Leather Jackets” and so on.

“Tips: when we want to make an article we should determine the keywords that are the target first.”

2. Make these keywords into longtail keywords

What are Long tail keywords? long tail keywords are keywords consisting of 5 syllables or more, if we have determined the keywords we are targeting, we should develop these keywords into long tail keywords before we make the post title, for example if the keyword we are targeting is “Seo Optimization. Onpage “, the longtail keywords that we can make from the” Onpage Seo Optimization “are as follows:

a. “Quality keyword writing on Onpage Seo optimization“.

b. “Easy Way Onpage Seo Optimization on the blog “

c. “Great Tips Onpage Seo Optimization to increase Pagerank “

d. “Onpage Seo Optimization good and quality “

e. “How to Onpage Seo optimization is that good? “

f. and other titles

Why should it be used as a longtail keyword? That’s because with longtail keywords the articles we make will be easy to compete, and short tail keywords are generally already controlled by old-rank and domain sites, so in the short term it will be difficult for us to compete.

We can choose one of the titles above for us to use as the article title, but which one is the best in the eyes of search engines? please continue reading the next step …

3. Write keywords at the beginning of the title syllable

The placement of keywords in the title is one of the most powerful onpage SEO optimizations, after we have developed the keywords into several longtail keywords as seen in the example above, it’s time now to choose good quality SEO keywords, let’s look at 5 types of alternative titles. for the keyword “SEO Optimization Above” above, if you have to choose from the five titles that have good quality title writing and SEO quality with the targeted keywords, of course the title at point “d”, namely “Onpage SEO Optimization good and Quality “because the title puts the targeted keywords at the beginning of the title syllable.

Based on research information Moz about title tags, The title with keywords that are placed at the beginning of the syllable is better than the title that is placed in the middle or at the end of the syllable in the eyes of the Google search engine, thus the article title that starts with the keyword will easily get the best position in Google search results, along with an analysis chart about Moz title tags:

Writing a quality SEO blog keyword

Therefore, every time we determine the title it is recommended to put keywords at the beginning of the title syllable so that it is more qualified SEO.

5. Make a good keyword composition

As much as possible to make well-structured keywords, by looking for various alternatives so that the keywords we target are arranged according to the keywords that are searched for, when visitors search for certain keyword criteria, the search engine will prioritize the keywords either in the title or keywords contained in the article whose word order is the same as the keywords that are used as search criteria by visitors.

4. Search for LSI keywords that are relevant to the targeted keywords

The next task after we determine our target keywords is to find LSI keywords, what are LSI keywords?, LSI keywords are keywords that are closely related to the main keywords we are targeting, please also read: how to find LSI keywords?, if we manage to find the keyword content, we recommend that we write and include it in the article, we can put it in the meta description, in the H2 H3 tag and also in the article, at least each article must have at least 1 keyword for seo optimization. onpage the article is more powerful.

B. Laying out SEO quality keywords

After we know how to develop keyword writing for blog article titles, the next step is about placing keywords in the article or post content, to make posts more seo friendly, the keywords we are aiming for should not only be put in the title, but based on several factors from 200+ google ranking factors, we should put keywords in the meta tag and also the content of the article, here are the best locations to place the keywords we target and LSI keywords in the article based on the suggested google ranking factors:

a. Put keywords in the meta description

Meta descriptions are the second choice that visitors can consider to visit your blog, we should make a description as interesting as possible and make visitors curious when they find your blog in search results, remember a good description can increase organic blog visitors, even for the effect of current page rankings Descriptions are not very influential, but descriptions can give a signal to search engines the relevance of the articles that you create with the keywords that are used as search criteria.

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b. Putting Keywords in H1 Tag.

Keywords that are placed in the H1 tag will give a signal of relevance to search engines, SEO-quality H1 tags are usually the title of the article itself, and preferably H1 should only have 1 in every article we make. Some researchers have proven that the existence of more than one H1 on blog pages will make bad search results, and H1 which contains keywords and is only 1 in each article is once influential in making the article appear in the best position search.

c. Put keywords in the first 100 words area

The placement of our target keywords in the position of the first 100 words in the first paragraph of the article content provides more relevance signals to search engine robots, this will be a priority for post articles that we have appear in the best positions in search engine search results.

d. Put keywords in H2 tags and or H3 tags

Keywords that are placed in H2 and / or H3 tags can affect the SEO for the page even though it is weak, there is nothing wrong with placing keywords in H2 and H3 to strengthen the quality of the seo onpage articles that we make to be stronger.

That’s a simple article about How to write and place SEO Quality Keywords? I share it for you, hope it is useful.

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