Every writer wants his writing to be read by many people. Likewise with writers on online platforms such as blogger. Writing articles alone is not enough. Sedulur need to optimize the writing to be search engine friendly. That way, articles will be more easily found by internet users and have the opportunity to be number one in the Google search engine. Articles that have gone through the search engine optimization stage are also known as SEO articles.

So, what is SEO? How to write SEO articles friendly? Below, Sedulur can learn more about SEO writing, starting from the understanding, benefits, differences from ordinary articles, to how to make them. Come on, read more!

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What are SEO articles?

seo articles

Before discussing SEO articles, Sedulur must first know the meaning of SEO or SEO Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, SEO is a technique used to optimize a website or blog to get top rankings in Google search results. With the implementation of SEO, the site will be easy to find so that it has the potential to generate more traffic or visitors.

Article SEO is one form of application of these techniques. Basically, SEO articles friendly is writing that is made according to the rules Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that search engines can quickly identify the content of the article. Search engines like Google will recommend sample articles website appropriate SEO to internet users based on relevant keywords.

In the era of digital information that is increasingly advanced as it is today, many individuals, organizations, institutions, and even companies are vying for their website website hers became number one in Google search results. This is where SEO articles take on an important role. In fact, now many are looking for SEO article writing services or SEO article services to be able to meet the needs of improving online services traffic website organizations and companies.

The difference with ordinary articles


What makes SEO articles special than regular articles is the purpose for which they are created. As discussed in the previous point, this article was created for web optimization purposes. Whatever the content, what these types of articles are looking for are visitors. Apart from the title or content of the article being interesting, SEO articles are usually supported by pages website responsive.

super app

This type of article aims to make the web quickly found by search engines. Meanwhile, ordinary articles are generally just to educate visitors or for other needs such as publication of scientific articles.

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Benefits of making SEO articles friendly


Even though it looks simple, SEO writing plays a very important role in optimizing website. This is the first step that is the key to doing web optimization. Without this type of writing, Sedulur may find it difficult to get visitors to the web or blog that has been created.

Not only that, SEO writing can also support branding Brother. If your website is developed enough, this type of writing can help increase sales conversions for the product or service being sold. So, don’t underestimate SEO articles, okay? Business web, portfolio web, even personal blog really need this type of writing.

How to make an example of an SEO article

seo articles

There are specific ways that need to be followed for writing sample SEO articles friendly. The main point is in the keywords and the language used. Make the reader feel at home for a long time inside website which Brother manages. How to make interesting writing. Support the post with website which user friendly and mobile friendly.

Make writing quality and easy to read. In addition, Sedulur can follow several ways to write SEO articles friendly the following.

1. Keyword research


Keywords or keywords are important points in making SEO articles friendly. In order for Sedulur articles to get many readers and have traffic high, Brothers need to determine keywords targeted. Research keywords that are popular and performing well.

For example, in the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, people are required to wear masks. If Sedulur wants to write an article with a health theme, then topics and keywords such as “health masks”, “price of medical masks”, “use of mouth masks” are certainly the right choice.

Popular keywords have a greater chance of ranking first on Google pages. Especially if the topic has not been widely discussed on other websites. Brothers can use tools for how to check keyword SEO articles, for example Ubersuggest, KWFinder, and Google Trends.

2. Optimization of titles and subtitles


Article title or heading 1 must be considered in making SEO articles friendly. In addition to making the title attractive and relevant to the content of the article, Sedulur needs to include targeted keywords in the title.

Also pay attention to the length of the title because it can affect the search engine algorithm. Titles that are too short or too long will degrade the performance of the article. Strive for the title of the article to only have 60-75 characters, including the targeted keywords. Examples of ideal article titles such as “5 Best Health Mask Recommendations, Uses and Prices”.

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3. Use heading


Another important thing in SEO writing friendly is use heading 2 and heading 3. Moreover, articles with format listicle proven to have good performance according to search engine algorithms. Google really likes well-structured articles. In addition to being preferred by Google, Sedulur needs to arrange the article structure so that it is easy for readers to understand.

Readers will easily find the outline or subject matter of the article with the help of heading used. Preferably, each subtitle or heading contains paragraphs that are balanced and coherent with each other. Too long discussion in one heading need to be avoided.

4. Image Optimization

seo articles

Illustrations or photos in the article will add to the interest of the reader. In addition, the placement of images in articles also aims to give readers a break to avoid boredom while reading. However, did Sedulur know that images can be made SEO friendly?

Before uploading images to website, Sedulur should change the file name according to the targeted keywords. Then, Sedulur need to include keywords in the image description and ALT image.

5. Pay attention to the technical component of the blog


Apart from subtitles and images, there are some technical components of a blog that need to be considered. The goal is that Sedulur articles look attractive and can compete in Google search results. The technical components of the blog are as follows.

  • SEO title, the title of the page that appears in Google search results. So SEO friendlytry this title describes the outline of the article and contains one targeted keyword.
  • Permalink, is automatically taken from the title of the article. If the title is too long, you should make it permalinks containing keywords only. For example, websitesedulur.com/masker-health.
  • Meta description, contains a brief description of the content of the article that appears in Google search results. Try to make this section a maximum of 160 characters and contain one keyword.

By paying attention to the technical components above, the SEO score will be better. As a result, articles will rank higher on Google faster. Brothers can also apply SEO techniques on page more like adding link external and internal in the body of the article that has been made. Make sure the embedded link to the article is relevant so that the performance of the content is more worthy of being ranked first in search engines.

Use it too plugins SEO is like Yoast SEO. Plugins This will be a way to check SEO articles. Yoast SEO will display a green icon if the article created is appropriate. So, it’s easier to find out. If it’s not green yet, Sedulur simply does the optimization suggested by Yoast SEO.

Thus a complete discussion of SEO writing. Hopefully it can add to your knowledge in the field of writing on line. By applying the ways to write SEO articles above, Sedulur’s writings and blogs can potentially be flooded with visitors.

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