What influence does digitization have on local marketing? We’ll show you how to optimally adapt your company to developments.

While the digital world has already fully arrived in private life, in local advertising you often still notice little of social media, websites and co .. Here are mainly brochures, printed advertisements in the local press and advertising at the point of Sale represented. However, in order to reach young people locally in the long term and to be present on the usual channels, a rethink has to take place. This digitization is a challenge, especially for companies with many local sales or distribution partners. In order to reach customers directly and on site, many companies rely on cooperation with local sales and distribution partners. These partners ensure that the product or service is advertised to the customers and that a local contact person is available. To implement this sales strategy, companies need a well-developed network of sales partners, who often have different ideas and experiences in marketing. In digital marketing in particular, the partners can have very different skills and thus be better or worse equipped for the new digital paths.

Why is digitization also important in local marketing?

Even in local marketing, there is no getting around digitization and new marketing platforms. The customer journey, especially in the younger target group, usually runs through several digital and online-based touchpoints. The latest trends are recognized here on Instagram and Co., news is consumed via online portals and the latest products are ordered straight to your home. In order to be able to keep up with the big online competitors as a local provider, digital marketing must also increasingly be used in local marketing.

The different partners and the implementation

In order to give every partner and every branch the same opportunities to shape the uniform brand image online and digitally, it is important to provide them with the necessary media, advertising and marketing materials and to support them in creating the new Ways to accept. Ready-made, customizable materials and company-wide campaigns ensure that the partners can advertise locally and digitally together. The aspect of commonality plays an important role here. On the Internet, for example on social media, the appearances of the individual partners are accessible to everyone. It is possible that potential customers not only come across the profile and contributions of the local sales partner during their research, but also the content of another partner. If the individual partners were to convey different visual languages, offers or messages, this would negatively affect the uniform brand image and possibly deter the customer. This is why a coherent corporate design and a uniform campaign structure are of great importance in digital marketing.

Managing sales partners using a marketing portal

The most important point in digitization and the support of the partners is to disseminate the advertising measures and materials and make them accessible. Through a uniform marketing portal, all partners can access the possible advertising material and certain (mostly digital) forms can be brought to the fore in order to promote digitization in marketing company-wide. These are software systems on which the company can make its materials accessible as templates. The individual sales or distribution partners can edit these templates for websites, advertisements, social media posts, videos and the like in the system, fill them with their personal information and use them directly for local digital marketing. This guarantees that, in spite of the large number of different partners, communication takes place in a uniform manner and conforms to the corporate design. In addition, these marketing portals usually offer the opportunity to communicate with partners, publish new campaigns and marketing plans, and make images and other digital media available to partners.

In this way, not only can new advertising media be integrated, but it can also be ensured that every partner uses the digital forms of advertising uniformly. The partners are not only locally on site, but also digitally on the best way to position the brand.