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If you’ve ever imagined about 3D printing sneakers, you’ll enjoy viewing the online video below about a Portland-based mostly business that generates footwear on demand using an HP MJF 5200 3D printer. Granted, this is not a printer you likely have in your basement. The a single-ton printer prices up to a fifty percent-million dollars but seeing it do its issue is rather interesting.

The printer doesn’t make the entire shoe, but just a spongy foam-like TPU footbed and heel. They operate the printer overnight and get about a dozen pairs out at as soon as. There is pretty a bit of cleanse-up to get the piece prepared. Of training course, there is also the assembly of the relaxation of the shoe to acquire into account.

1 of the strengths of this method is seemingly the deficiency of waste. We did not know, but seemingly conventional sneakers wind up in landfills. These footwear are designed to recycle and the company offers a low cost to people sending in outdated pairs.

Of training course, an additional benefit is the velocity of manufacturing new types. Nonetheless, we wonder about the economics of applying a printer that fees at least $300,000 to deliver a dozen pairs of footwear a night time. The footwear are not low-priced — we listen to they operate from $175 to $375 a pair, but they are not that high priced, either. Our bad business math exhibits that even if you could make 100% financial gain and have ruined sneakers, it would take a long time to shell out back on one particular of these printers. Contemplating actual prices, revenue, and other issues pushes that variety into hundreds of decades. Nevertheless, possibly they lease the printer or time share it, we are not sure.

Fancy a go? Test the Electronic Shoe Style Package. These shoes are rather trendy, but with 3D printing, you can build everything you can envision, even if it would make you seem like a nerd.


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