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The new training year starts on September 1st in many companies. Those who have not yet found an apprentice do not have to give up hope – and can e.g. B. on social media. Why this is particularly suitable for the trainee search, which channels are promising and why it is also important to have your own career website.

It is nearly time: The new training year will start on September 1, 2020 in many craft businesses. Despite current incentives such as the training bonus, many entrepreneurs will find it difficult to find suitable applicants for their training positions. According to the 2020 Vocational Training Report, just over 53,000 apprenticeships were vacant in 2019. A similarly high number can be expected this year, according to the report.

Despite these numbers, craft entrepreneurs shouldn’t lose hope: If you still want to find an apprentice at short notice or want to do your best for the next year of training, According to Stefanie Sausele, social media should be used to finally make it work. Because: “Young people want to be addressed where they are most often and that is the digital media.” As part of a web seminar organized by the RKW Competence Center, the speaker gave Digiscouts tips on all aspects of trainee marketing and social media.

Young people get impressions of everyday work and the team

According to Sausele, the high number of users and downloads on social media would speak for trainees via Instagram, Tik-Tok, Whatsapp & Co. Take Instagram as an example: “According to a survey by Statista, around 20 million people in Germany use the photo platform, around two-thirds of them are 13 to 34 years old – this is the perfect target group for training.” But it is not just for this reason that online platforms are beneficial marketing channels. “Young people can not just look at one here at a glance get a direct impression of the content of the training, but also get to know your future colleagues “, adds the expert.

First step: check your own career website

It is important for entrepreneurs to know in advance: “Social media is primarily about entertainment – this also applies to trainee marketing,” explains Sausele. “The The aim is to generate attention for the apprenticeship via Instagram and Co., but the central focal point remains the own career website. ” Before companies advertise for trainees on social media, it is therefore important to examine them critically.

“The career website should definitely contain all the ‘hard’ facts about the training position,” advises the speaker. The aim is for applicants to reach the company’s website via social media in order to find out more about the training position on offer. It is therefore important that the Career website offers detailed information on the profession and the training position as well as the most important contact details. In addition, the RKW expert recommends placing the tab for the career page on your own homepage so that it is clearly visible and also preparing the content well in terms of SEO.

If you want to test whether your career website is of a good standard, you can, for example, B. use a free online tool from RKW: The career page check for medium-sized companies. Interested parties can access the career page check here.

Trainee search via social media: 8 tips for beginners and advanced learners

According to Sausele, a well-prepared career page is the basis for venturing into digital media. Which social media platforms are currently best suited for trainee marketing and what should be considered when setting up and maintaining the channels, revealed Sausele in the RKW online seminar. Helpful tips for beginners as well as advanced users, clearly summarized:

1. Choose the correct channel

Sausele particularly recommends the photo platform Instagram and the Chinese video portal TikTok when looking for trainees, as this is mainly a younger target group. Facebook and the professional networks Xing and LinkedIn, on the other hand, are not recommended because the target group is older or the focus is different. Her tip: “Instead of relying on too many channels, better intensive fewer channels with regular content. ”

2. Turn the social media channel into a trainee project

It is most authentic when you use trainees who are already employed in the company as influencers: “After all, you know best about social media and speak the language of young people, “explains the expert. Sausele recommends creating an extra channel for trainee marketing that is used independently of the company’s social media presence. Managers can also place this completely in the hands of their current trainees – as a kind of trainee project, for which a little time is given each week. As part of the project, the trainees can set up the channel independently, develop their own ideas for postings and implement them themselves.

3. Use short videos to attract attention

According to Sausele, lie Short videos are absolutely trendy right now. This also shows why TikTok is so popular with teenagers. The Chinese video portal can be used to create short music clips that can be danced to in a fun way. Lip synchronization is also possible. The advantage: “Short videos are free and easy to implement with the mobile phone. At a time when the attention span is short, they can be used consume easily. “ The channels of other companies offer inspiration for videos, but also everyday company life. You can also take part in so-called music challenges on TikTok. This can be used to attract attention to the company in a humorous way. A good example of a TikTok profile in a professional context is the Canal from the Dortmund Clinic.

4. Use your own hashtags

Hashtags can be used on both Instagram and TikTok to make content easier to find. For example, bakers can use the Hasthag # baker, hairdressers can use hashtags relevant to target groups for everything related to hair cutting and hairdressing. The more specific the hashtags, the better. Sausele also recommends companies establish your own hashtags, which can be used to bundle the entire profile content. A specific hashtag could e.g. B. be your own company name.

5. Prepare postings in the editing tool

If you don’t have enough time to post content on a daily or weekly basis, you can use (partly) free social media management tools and plan postings in advance. An example of such a tool is Buffer, that you can test for 14 days for free. Plus, it helps a Create editorial plan. So you don’t have to come up with new ideas for posts at short intervals. Overall, Sausele estimates the effort for maintaining the social media channels to be around one to two hours per week.

6. Make targeted advertising

For little money z. B. Use Instagram to advertise your own training position in a targeted manner. The advantage: The advertising can be aimed specifically at people from the region and of the appropriate age. Instagram users cannot skip these advertisements.

7. Offer WhatsApp contact

The Whatsapp messenger service can also be used to search for trainees. Once again, your own career website comes into play here: companies can use it to draw attention to a WhatsApp consultation hour. Companies should not only provide a contact number on their website, but also specify times through which contact persons from the company on the subject of training can be reached. Especially for teenagers who are initially inform anonymously contact via Whatsapp is a good option. The Stadtwerke Velbert already use them. You can find out more about the use of WhatsApp in the company, including data protection, here.

8. Pay attention to data protection

Anyone who uses social media – whether privately or professionally – should under no circumstances forget data protection. DATEV, the company for data processing, gives a helpful overview of what has to be observed under data protection law (and beyond) when using social media. Click here for the DATEV Social Media Guidelines.

More helpful tips and tricks On the subject of trainee marketing via social media, interested parties can also receive a free folder from RKW. Here you can download or order.

For spontaneous people: online career guidance from the Chamber of Crafts for Swabia

Because it is currently difficult to find out about skilled trades due to Corona, the Chamber of Crafts for Swabia (HWK) offers young people online consultation hours. Via a link on the HWK homepage, young people can participate with one click and thus have direct contact with the chamber’s experts. Those interested get an insight into the training and career opportunities in the craft and can ask their questions in the chat.

The next Online consultation hours will take place on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at 3 p.m. Link for participation: www.hwk-schwaben.de/ausbildungssprechstunde.