Lonnie Brown

A little bit over a few years ago, I lamented that Wunderlist – a cost-free to-do list app for many platforms, which include Apple and Android phones – had been obtained by Microsoft. Laptop writers were being unanimous on the future of Wunderlist: Practically nothing significantly excellent can arrive of this.

Even the solution names seemed to suggest what may possibly be coming: Wunderlist, from a German firm, experienced a fantastic attraction and held a promise – a wonder, a excellent to-do checklist. Microsoft, on the other experienced, came up with a title that did minimal to inspire: Microsoft To Do.

But discover the innovation there? Microsoft removed the “-” among “to” and “do.” Streamlined, eh?

When Microsoft To Do was released (and all help for Wunderlist discontinued), the personal computer writers were not impressed. But Microsoft was undeterred. The enterprise received beta testers to assistance discover bugs and to make strategies for what enhancements were desired. There was a Microsoft To Do blog site, where users submitted missing characteristics that did not make it from Wunderlist, or submitted issues they’d like to see.