There are many benefits that online businesses can get from using influencers to fuel their campaigns. Typically, influencers are people that are well-known in a particular industry. Businesses can gain traction just by getting influencers to help with their campaigns. However, opinion leaders are now, more than ever, becoming crucial to most business marketing campaigns. The need to have a key opinion leader is largely fueled by the world’s shift towards a more digital society. An opinion leader’s main role is to get social proof that can be used to inform a brand’s marketing endeavors.

How Different Are Influencers to Key Opinion Leaders?

What sets influencers and opinion leaders apart is that influencers are only available online. On the other hand, KOLs can be accessed offline. For many industries, a KOL is a go-to person, and they, therefore, have many helpful industry contacts. However, there is a huge social media component in branding. Even with KOLs, influencers are still highly valuable in the social media landscape. It also helps to have your KOL on social media.

Growing Your Influencers into KOLs

The process of turning an influencer into a key opinion leader is a difficult one. However, with the help of software like Net base Quid, the process becomes simpler. The main way of converting an influencer into a KOL is by giving them detailed information. This helps in the growth of an influencer. Influencers who rise to become KOLs are constantly putting out valuable information. However, for the influencer to grow, they have to be presented as experts in the industry, which implies having relevant certifications and industry recognition.

How Can Brands Make Sense of KOLs?

Increase Your Market Reach

The opinion of famous or well-established opinion leaders can have a remarkable impact on their followers. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo’s take on sports gear can greatly influence selling such products. Other influencers like YouTubers can also have a significant impact on a brand. The audience or followers of a KOL are likely to purchase products recommended by the KOL. This is because of the trust followers place in the endorsements of their favorite YouTubers. Partnerships with KOLs can be more effective in market reach than other traditional advertisements.

Generate More Sales

Rather than only entertaining their fans, KOLs are entrusted to offer recommendations or reviews of the best products. Their followers look up to them for advice and opinions about products or services available in the market. An opinion leader who is not popular and cannot present a brand’s product to a huge audience can also be helpful in some other way. Such a KOL could also be offering trusted expert endorsements. So, either by being an expert or popular in the industry, KOLs are prominent voices within any industry. Their reputable relationship with their followers makes it possible for them to influence their purchasing choices.

Different Key Opinion Leaders for Your Brand

As the digital domain continues to embrace influence marketing, you need to identify different opinion leaders ideal for your brand. Today, most brands use KOLs as a profitable and effective way of reaching a bigger audience and making more sales. Authenticity is what sets influencers and opinion leaders apart. Unlike an influencer, an opinion leader will always have an unmistakable unique identity. Expertise in a certain field is what makes an opinion leader gain credibility and trust from his audience.

With the help of NetbaseQuid, you can identify between brand influencers and opinion leaders. This is very helpful as they each attract a different audience and work towards attaining different goals. NetbaseQuid has years of experience in pairing brands with expert opinion leaders as well as influencers. They use big data, social media, and other techniques to find ideal audiences for the brand’s products.