The net has several approaches of killing boredom, but Craigslist is occasionally the ideal remedy. There are so numerous odd and great car or truck and truck listings there on any supplied day, that obtaining swept up in a lookup for “one of a kind” or “unique” is certain to deliver some laughs. Or at the very least some elevated eyebrows.

Listed here are three these kinds of motor vehicles that healthy the bill. In no unique buy, these a few trucks all carry some thing unique to the desk. No matter if it’s rarity, appears to be like, or simply just a amusing title that caught the eye, there is something to admire about just about every of these rigs.

This listing has a several faults, but what Craiglist ad does not? It should really be mentioned that the truck is an F-100, not an F-150. Also, the vendor claims the truck works by using a “454” but from what I can discover, the motor bay image additional carefully matches a inventory 360 cubic-inch V8.

The vendor also states the truck was made use of in “FBI and IRS stakeouts.” Maintain on… IRS stakeouts? I battle to envision the IRS getting industry agents that sit on their butts all day and hold out for one thing to occur. Well, now that I assume about it…

In any case, the truck has a unique attitude from other F-100s you come across. The flatbed on the back again, the colour scheme, the aftermarket major-duty entrance bumper all of it combined offers an appealing package that I wouldn’t brain owning. Possibly ditch the wooden roosters and occur down $2,000 on selling price, and there’s a offer to be experienced in this article.

Halfway across the place, just one seller had the guts to simply call this K1500 a “panty dropper.” It just goes to demonstrate that magnificence truly is in the eye of the beholder, as they say.

Nonetheless, sq. human body Chevys are some of the far more attractive pickups out there. It’s just far too undesirable that the advertisement description is long on jokes and shorter on details. From what it does say, the truck has a 305 cubic-inch V8 and TH350 transmission, and 4-wheel-push of system. All of which functionality properly supplied “you’re not a liberal.”

Camouflage inside and out. What much more could you inquire for?

“It’s hard to put a rate on what it would experience like to have this piece of the American aspiration,” states the vendor. I really do not know about that. Possibly he’ll take $3,000, a dozen cans of Grizzly Wintergreen Prolonged Cut, and a 30-pack of Coors?

The ’90s are back, newborn. 1 search at this good machine and I can presently really feel the Pogs, Pokemon, and Pearl Jam effervescent up from some deep, dark area in my memory.

This certain pickup is a person of a rare sort named the “Mark III.” Not a great deal info exists on the website, but it appears Mark III was an aftermarket modifier (a la Centurion and their crew-cab Broncos). They’d acquire a run-of-the-mill truck and gussy it up with paint-matched components like a taxi fairing, visor, aspect ways, and so on.

The conclusion end result is undoubtedly a head-turner, even if it’s from one more time. But could you think about this matter on 37s and prerunning in the Mojave Desert? That’d be a sight to see.