Prior to we begin with issues pertaining to the patentability of blockchain systems, let us have a brief description about blockchain. Blockchain engineering arrived into existence in 2008 which operates on the concept of “Distributed Ledger” and is a publicly out there electronic accessible ledger in peer to peer network. It is a chain of many blocks i.e. every time a transaction happens a new block is added to the chain. Here every block can be described as a document of a transaction that takes place concerning events and is immutable in mother nature as it contains a cryptographic hash value of the preceding block, Hash price of present block, a timestamp, and transaction facts which would make the facts in a block far more secured. So, it becomes really tricky when someone attempts to adjust even a minute info of a block then the hash price of that block modifications and a consensus is expected from all the nodes for this kind of alteration/introducing data.

Initially, Blockchain is produced for the one function of employing cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin and its rise is more supported by the money program meltdown in 2009 which motivated people to test an alternate system for financial administration other than making use of government intermediaries economic products and services. With time Blockchain will become extra popular and many industries/corporate homes get started investing in the Blockchain know-how in a number of spots like economical domain, Healthcare, Electronic voting, governance, source chain checking, ecommerce, Authentic estate and lots of extra. To quote couple illustrations like Mastercard is using blockchain engineering for its payment network Deloitte came to fore by providing its solutions for implementation of blockchain technologies in Industrial Serious estate current market and so forth. Among the key gamers in the field like Alibaba, Lender of The usa, IBM and so on. modest entities/ Start out-ups are also becoming fascinated in a variety of purposes of Blockchain.

When coming to patenting an software based mostly on Blockchain technological innovation then China is main in filing maximum Patent Programs (Almost 62%) for the very same technological know-how as per Derwent supply when US is major in obtaining optimum patent granted in the respective area. The company that has optimum patents on Blockchain Technologies is Alibaba (China). So, in nutshell we can say that US and China are top Patent industry in Blockchain Technology. As this technological know-how is attaining the level of popularity, the patent applications are increasing in this industry significantly in US, China, South Korea, British isles and India but most of them confront the worries in receiving Patented.

Most of the purposes do not fulfil the requirements of patent filing in Blockchain Technologies. Dispersed ledger in peer to peer community is utilized for recording the transactions as evidence of get the job done which does not deliver significantly self esteem in obtaining the patent as it is like having a patent for an algorithm/Laptop or computer Application and as per Indian Patent Act, 1970, Area 3(k) which states that “a mathematical or Business approach or a laptop or computer program per se or Algorithms” are not patentable.

As per the ruling of Delhi Large Court docket in the scenario of Ericson Vs Intex, the courtroom mentioned that 

So, it seems to me prima facie that any creation which has a technological contribution or has a technological effect and is not merely a computer system system per se as alleged by the defendant and the same is patentable…..”.

So, if a Pc Related Invention provide complex alternative to a technical difficulty by providing a sensible application or an improved specialized impact then the mentioned invention deems to be patentable beneath Area 3(K). Considering that, Laptop similar inventions are granted by Indian Patent business and blockchain related innovations are analogous to a laptop or computer linked innovations, so blockchain inventions are also eligible to be granted.

As for every the CRI rules states that databases is a computer Program for each se and Blockchain shop the transactions in a databases only, so it is not eligible for patenting. But these are mere guidelines and can be prevail over if an applicant can show that his invention delivers specialized remedy to a specialized difficulty and owning a specialized effect. More, although drafting Specification and Claims aim need to be on how the invention is tied with the components on which it will run. Having these steps will absolutely improve the opportunity of a Blockchain creation of obtaining patented in a very first go.

While, as mentioned above there are still unseen worries in entrance of the blockchain creation acquiring patented in get of proving novelty, inventive move between other troubles but it does not signify that it is not patentable. It is anticipated that Patent apps on Blockchain Engineering will increase as there are still massive locations in which it can be implemented. So, it looks that the upcoming is shiny for Patentability of Blockchain Systems in many regions.