Why are you one step ahead of your competition with this report?

The top places in the Google ranking are highly competitive. Those who manage to place themselves at the front in the organic search results will secure free and high-quality traffic. While your competition still pays for every click and ultimately calculates the ROI, the conversion-strong customers come to you voluntarily through relevant content and good SEO. To do that, you need the best hacks and know how to use them. This is exactly what this report will help you with. In the Professionals Guide, for example, you can learn how to get to the coveted position 0, i.e. via the paid advertisements from your competitors. There is no better way to position yourself. We also explain how you work holistically: Because if you want to play in the Marketing Champions League, you can’t just rely on texts and optimize them with keywords. Backlinks, images, videos, audio … All of this is part of a sustainable, all-encompassing content and SEO strategy today. Most SEO mistakes are based on ignorance of the effect of a measure, a lack of organization in the process or simply on laziness. Feel free to leave these unnecessary mistakes to your competitors. Technology plays an important role in SEO. We dedicate around 45 pages to this alone. The special thing about this guide: Each topic is peppered with examples from practice, and we also provide you with the right tools for analysis and implementation. So you can start immediately – from page 1 – and optimize your homepage. While your competition is still listening to agency pitches or wondering why your own ranking is not getting better, you can go straight to practice and start not only improving your ranking with what you have learned, but also increasing your sales.