The pages that have so far had little or no content therefore offer less information and only partially fulfill the search intention. Texts can be found on the product detail pages that cover all the essential basics, but have not yet gone beyond them. However, the clear presentation with icons and bullet points should be positively emphasized here.

When looking at the content, the extensive Schiesser magazine also attracts attention. Here you will find comprehensive information about underwear, clothing and styling. In addition, Schiesser offers its target group other topics related to inspiration, lifestyle or travel – always in relation to their own laundry. Accordingly, there are already some relevant rankings (eg “well-fitting bra”, SV 390, 1st place or “feinripp vs doppelripp”, SV 230, 1st place). Additional articles on relevant keywords with a high search volume should be set up here so that the magazine can contribute even more to the visibility of the domain.

At Schiesser, a clear and targeted keyword strategy can be recognized and the rankings for relevant terms are correspondingly good. We are happy to award a very good 4.6 / 5 points for the keywords area. Above all, the use of relevant terms for naming the categories and headings on category, product and info pages should be emphasized positively. In addition, topics in the magazine are selected on the basis of relevant, target group-oriented keywords.

However, there are always small optimization possibilities: At Schiesser there is still potential in the formatting and content design of the headings (especially on the homepage), which do not always follow a clear keyword focus.

The internal linking also shows potential for optimization: Relevant keywords are linked via the main navigation, the drop-down menu and category, subcategory and content pages. Related categories (such as swimwear and lingerie) are linked to one another. The footer, on the other hand, is currently not used to link products or categories. Products are also linked from the magazine, the anchor texts have a clear keyword focus. However, the possibility of linking further articles to other magazine topics under a post in the magazine has not yet been specifically used.

Schiesser achieved 3.3 / 5 points for the display of search results.

The title tags make a neat and uniform impression. The keyword used is often combined with “buy online | SCHIESSER”, which ensures a high level of brand recognition. The meta descriptions are also well maintained, but often do not correspond to the recommendations regarding optimal length and design. Descriptions that are too long are therefore cut off in the search results.

Rich snippets are rarely returned within the organic search results. In the case of Google Ads that are served, however, the ad extensions are used to increase the presence within the search results above. This potential has not yet been used in the organic search results.

All URLs are descriptive and correspond to the category at product level. However, there are some changes within the URL structure depending on the click depth. So is under with a click on “underwear” the landing page: to find. From there on bras and bustiers one gets clicked too directed. Although this is not a disadvantage for the user, the URLs sometimes appear a bit overloaded and very long.

What use is the most beautiful underwear if it is not functional? The same applies to the technology of a website, for which we give 3.7 / 5 points.

The successful test with the Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool from Google shows that can be used perfectly for mobile devices on all types of pages. We reward the good mobile friendliness with our maximum score of five points.

The rest of the technology, however, makes a rather average impression: Although all pages can be accessed wonderfully on the move, the loading times leave a lot to be desired. Various page types (start, category and product page) were tested for this. The Google Test Pagespeed Insights awards an average of 20, or 17 and 28 out of a possible 100 points for the page types. Mobile, the time to First Contentful Paint is on average just over two seconds. In order to improve this already good time even further, a smaller dimensioning of the pictures can help. The desktop view can do even better and achieved 60 points for the product detail pages and the home page in the Google Testing Tool. In order to become even faster on the desktop, JavaScript and CSS resources can also be optimized in addition to the images.

The source code of is relatively extensive. A lot of content slows down the loading time of the page and could be compressed, summarized or placed at the end of the loading process of the essential page elements. As an example, many images are adjusted in their display size via HTML or CSS, a compressed and already scaled output of the images could save a lot of data. Several stylesheets are also loaded when the start page is called up; merging these would reduce the loading effort.

With around 36100 backlinks from around 2100 domains, has a balanced relationship between the number of links and the link provider. We reward this achievement with 3.3 / 5 points.

In comparison, Schiesser can be seen with his healthy relationship between links and linking domains, but competitors like Triumph, Hunkemöller or Calida are much more active in backlink management.

A little more than a third of the backlinks lead to the Schiesser homepage, while the remaining links point to deeper levels. Calida shows a high backlink density, but 80% of them refer to the homepage. Triumph, on the other hand, is very strong in the area of ​​backlinks – here only 5% of the links refer to the home page, while the remaining 95% contain a deeper link. Schiesser can still learn a lot here.

A closer look at the backlink profile cannot identify any backlinks with harmful content, but around 10% of the links are of inferior quality or come from unreliable websites. We recommend removing these less valuable backlinks using Disavow.

In order to make the backlink portfolio even more efficient, the future focus should be on acquiring well-known backlink providers. So far there have been many semantically matching linking domains, but these have very low visibility on the Internet.

A successful website alone is no longer enough for retailers these days. If you want to sell successfully online, you can expand your website and offer your products on Amazon, Germany’s largest online marketplace. Since the content of the Schiesser Amazon top sellers unfortunately still leaves a lot to be desired, we are awarding 2.1 / 5 points here.

The first thing the Amazon customer sees in an article search is the title of a product. An optimal and meaningful title should contain around 120 characters, but for all Schiesser top sellers it is less than 70 characters. In addition, no structured structure can be recognized and the keyword-relevant functional names are not used.

Relevant keywords are only integrated into the bullet points contained in all top sellers. Unfortunately, only the minimum required text length is used here and no additional, relevant content is included. The product descriptions themselves do not even meet the minimum requirement of 500 characters and, with an average of 378 characters, are particularly expandable. Another problem is the identical content for some top sellers that does not specifically address the products.

The retail readiness from Schiesser compensates for the shortcomings in the content, because there is really nothing to complain about here. All products viewed are in stock in sufficient quantities and will be delivered as Prime items within the next 24 hours. That is worth 4.2 / 5 points to us.

Schiesser can also be proud of in terms of ratings. On average, the products received 4.4 stars from 257 reviews. Review management is only practiced to a limited extent, however. The manufacturer itself reacts to questions from users, but unfortunately it does not respond to negative reviews and constructive criticism.

Out of five top sellers, two receive an “Amazon’s Choice” badge. This trust-building element would be desirable for all top sellers.

The manufacturer Schiesser has an absolute monopoly on its products for all of its products. A very positive and important aspect for selling on the online marketplace.

Anyone looking for Schiesser products on Amazon will usually find them directly on the first page of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). In addition, all products are assigned to the correct browse node, i.e. the appropriate category, which makes it easier for the user to find them. We award an impressive 4/5 points for this.

Schiesser uses sponsored brands and sponsored products very little or not at all. Since a lot of potential for the brand to be found is lost here, we can unfortunately only award 1.5 / 5 points. This category scores worst in our test.

Since we do not receive any sponsored ads even if the brand is spelled differently, it can be assumed that the sponsored brands function has not yet been used. We came across an advertisement for one of a total of five functional names tested: Sponsored Products are used, but unfortunately to a limited extent.

There is a brand store with a total of four sub-pages for the Schiesser brand. At first glance, this looks quite impressive, but unfortunately only a product list is kept on the sub-pages. Videos remain unused so far. Nevertheless, we reward the solidly built brand store with 4/5 points.

The website shows that not only the appearance counts, but also what is underneath. A convincing keyword and content strategy persuades the user to stay, but some deficits in the technology mean that the shop is sometimes not optimally displayed in the search results. The fine-tuning in the display of search results and in backlink management is missing. However, one looks in vain for any major deficits. Overall, Schiesser can be quite satisfied, because with a total score of 3.8 points, the brand scores very well in our SEO check.

With an average of solid 3.2 points in the Amazon check, Schiesser can also be seen, but there is still a lot of room for improvement to further boost sales on the online marketplace.

About the SEO methodology:

In February 2020, the SEO performance was examined using the five main criteria of content, keywords, presentation in the search results, technology and backlink portfolio in three sub-criteria each. In each of these, up to five points are awarded, the average of which then forms the number of points for the main criterion. Their average in turn gives the overall result of a maximum of five points.

Regarding the Amazon methodology: The analysis procedure was also determined on the basis of five main criteria with further details. The following were considered and rated: content, retail readiness, organic findability, media and brand presentation.

* About the author: Andrea Kurz-Richarz has been working in online marketing for around five years and has been a senior SEO consultant at Resolution Media since 2019. Resolution Media reflects the Omnicom Media Group’s performance business unit. The SEO checks are part of the strategic cooperation between the two companies, through which UDG United Digital Group continues to offer performance marketing services.