Huge Domain as the name suggests has one of the highest repositories of domain names on the internet. Whether you need a domain name for your online business or just want to compare the quality of services, this Huge Domains Reviews perfectly summarizes customers perception of Huge Domain in clear unambiguous terms. For your online business, it is important that you find freelancers for creative content 

Is finding freelancers for creative contents all that you need for your business to rank highly within the shortest period? The answer is an emphatic no, here are useful tips for your online business to be highly ranked by the world’s most popular search engine Google.

1.    Consider SEO optimization.  

Search Engine Optimization simply means the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to websites through the search engine result. According to research, Google is the most visited website in the world  and  people conduct about 2.2 million searches on Google alone. Have you ever wondered why some websites appear first when you search online using search engines? 

The reason for this is not far-fetched, search engines decide what website comes first by using bots to scan through web pages to collate data which it uses to decide which contents are relevant to the searched keywords. The data to collect depends on how keywords are placed on your website, quality of contents, links, domain age etc.,  

To fully optimize your website to appear on the first page of search engines, consider hiring a SEO specialist to advice on proven SEO strategies, and competent content creators to keep your audience glued to the website.

2.    Make your content longer.

Contrary to popular opinion, the longer your website contents are, the higher its chances of being highly ranked by google. According to studies, websites with longer content has a greater probability of earning quality backlinks. What is the correlation between quality backlinks and Google’s website ranking you may want to ask, according to experts, quality backlinks have a profound implication on the website’s rankings? 

Long contents also increase the opportunity for more keywords to be added to the website and as discussed earlier, it increases the site’s exposure and ability to optimize SEO.

3.    Speed up your website.

Forget the fact that patience is a noble virtue, don’t expect your website visitors to stay all day long waiting for your website to load. According to studies, about 47% of people expect your website to load in two seconds or less. It will interest you to know that Google considers speed when ranking websites. No matter how valuable your website contents are, even if it contains the cure for COVID19 and cancer, chances are that it will not rank high on google website ranking if it loads at snail speed.

The question begging for answer is how do can websites loading be sped up?  You can speed up website pages by limiting components like scripts, images and stylesheets, minimize your CSS, JavaScript, HTML, files.  

Getting your website to be highly ranked by google should not take forever to achieve if you follow these steps judiciously nothing is stopping your website to rank highly on Google.