Marketing with digital marketing SEO techniques is an absolute thing for you to do. At least if you want to do digital marketing. SEO itself is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization or search engine optimization if we translate it into Indonesian.

Effective SEO can help users (search engines) to find your product or service. In this also you can build trust of your brand in front of prospects. And most importantly, SEO will ultimately increase the potential sales conversion rate.

To do good SEO, it is very important for us to first understand what SEO is. So that next we can learn how SEO works until finally we can apply it to a digital marketing strategy. I will discuss this in this article, hopefully it can help you.

Understanding SEO Digital Marketing

As I mentioned earlier, SEO is an acronym for SEO Search Engine Optimization. SEO technically refers to the process of increasing the quantity and quality of organic traffic to a website.

Good SEO and organic traffic that comes to a website is like a cause and effect relationship. You need to remember again, that visitors who come to a website can come from various sources. Traffic, for example, can come from paid advertising campaigns, from referrals or direct traffic. Meanwhile, if we discuss SEO, it will bring in traffic from site visitors who find your website through a search for a query on a search engine (eg google chrome, bing, etc.).

The general process will be as follows:

  1. The user will open a search engine, for example Google Chrome.
  2. It will type a search query in the search field.
  3. After execution, the engine will display several search results related to the query that the user previously entered.
  4. The search results that appear on the first page are a collection of sites with optimum SEO (for related keywords).

SEO is always related to keywords. If we mention that a site has good SEO, then we should also be able to identify what keywords are related. The better the SEO performance of a site, the position of the search results will increase towards rank one. Of course for certain keywords.

Ways of working Search Engine Showing Search Results

If you want to do search engine optimization (SEO) then it is important for us to first understand how the processes that occur in search engines. It’s like, if we want to conquer the enemy, it is obligatory for us to understand who they are.

Query, i.e. words or phrases that users enter in the search field are “hints” for search engines. The search engine has a mission to provide information on the user’s question.

Then how do search engines provide appropriate information? In fact, this information is not generally known. SEO experts gather information based on the research they do. What process is actually happening? Only the machine knows, and the creators.

The search engine displays search results based on relevance. The more relevant a website page is, the higher its ranking will be.

SEO experts conclude that there are three stages that occur in search engines in determining the ranking of a website page, namely crawling, indexing and ranking.


The very first step they (search engines) do is crawling. Search engines crawl websites to check their content, structure and ultimately relevance.

In doing crawling, search engines take varying amounts of time, depending on the structure of the web they crawl. Sometimes a new website they will crawl after a few weeks. So before they do crawling against the website, the web page will not appear on the search results page.

But you can create a sitemap and then submit it to search engines so that your website will be seen immediately crawl. How to make sitemap and submit to search engines? We will explain this in another article.


After the search engine performs crawlingthen they will do indexing. If we imagine a library, website previously crawled by search engines they will store in a location. This is what it means indexing.

For example if website You have content that they understand as “digital marketing” content then they will put your website pages in the same section, namely digital marketing. So that when search engines will display your web link on the search results page, they will find it immediately.


This ranking stage determines the order in which our website pages appear on the search results page. Of course after they do indexing. The more relevant a site page is, the more potential a page has to appear on the first page, even in the first order.

By understanding the three stages that occur in this search engine, we can find out what we should do in doing SEO. So what should we do in doing SEO? SEO experts usually divide into two types, based on the “page location” that is the object of optimization.

Two Types of SEO Digital marketing

Technically, SEO experts usually divide SEO into two types, namely: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO

Everything you do on the site and the content you create for search optimization is On-Page SEO. Keyword research, internal links, building site navigation and good user experience are some examples of parts of on-Page SEO.

Arrangement On-Page SEO allows you to choose what pages and content you want to optimize. Settings like page A you want to optimize with keyword A, or something like that. This will increase the relevance between website with the context you are referring to. So ultimately this setting will affect how your site will appear in the search results that users do.

In more detail, please check my article about setting up on-page SEO techniques.

Off-Page SEO

The things you do outside of your website or internal content are part of off-page SEO. There’s not much you can do in this section. However, this greatly affects the authorization of website You.

Backlinks or link building together with Off-page SEO. Backlinks or backlink is when website others link one of the belong pages website you for them to use as a reference. You may be thinking hard, how can we link link in an article inside website someone else’s? This is indeed the challenge.

Off-page SEO harder for you to wake up than On-page SEO. Because On-page SEO In general, you can set it yourself, so you can reap the effects some time later. SEO off-pagein this case link building requires a relationship so that you can link the original link website you in website others.

This type of SEO can be automatically awakened when you already have a very good quality website and content. Good content will be a lot of references so that they will automatically link back to your web page.

Check out my article about the link Link Building SEO: Understanding and How to Do Itso you can better understand how to do it.

Do It Now Because SEO Must Be Built Continuously

Now you already know the meaning of SEO. You also know
how search engines work to perform searches and display the results. You may also already know about on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Regardless of your level of expertise in SEO, the important thing is to start now. Because you can’t build SEO in a day or two. The sooner you start, even if you make a lot of revisions later on, the sooner you will get the best results.

If you think building SEO is a job you don’t want to do yourself, go ahead contact Zatdigi and discover how we can do SEO optimization for you.