Attention Hackaday editors: We on the producing crew hereby formally ask for funds allocation for setting up a Stewart system head massager on the chair of each and every workstation in the magic formula underground writer’s bunker. We assume the added benefits that will accrue many thanks to diminished tension alone will much more than justify the modest upfront expenses. Thank you for your consideration.

Okay, possibly that ask for is heading nowhere, but obtaining been on the obtaining end of these unusually calming springy scalp stimulators, we can see the place [David McDaid] was likely with this undertaking. As he plainly states up front, this is a ridiculously above-engineered way to get your scratchies on, but there’s very tiny not to appreciate about it. Stewart platforms, which can posture a surface with six degrees of independence and range in dimensions from straightforward ball balancers to complete-blown movement simulators, are fascinating equipment, and we simply cannot feel of a superior way to discover about them than by setting up one.

Like all Stewart platforms, [David]’s is mechanically straightforward but kinematically intricate, and he usually takes great pains to determine out all the math and explain it in an approachable design. The system is mounted with the stop-effector pointed down, making it possible for the intended massagee to insert their noggin into the small business stop and acquire the therapeutic massage pattern of their option. Seeking at the GIFs beneath, it is uncomplicated to see why [David] favors the included complexity of a Stewart, which tends to make interesting styles like “The Calmer” doable. They are all intriguing, while the less explained about “The Neck Breaker” the much better, we’d say.

Hats off (lol) to [David] for this needless intricate but entertaining construct.



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