In 1989, in the episode “Q, Who?” Star Trek: The Future Technology took the term “cyborg” and clipped it down to its cold necessities, gifting the planet with a new terror: the Borg. Although Physician Who purists might convey to you the Borg are a knock-off of the Cybermen, the black leather aesthetic combined with laser-pointer eyepieces and that chilling catchphrase — “You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile” — all cemented the Borg as just one the most legendary sci-fi principles of all time.

The Borg is basically internet habit writ significant, an enemy that will make you section of its server. In Star Trek: Picard, the Borg are back again and numerous of the most important people (Picard, Hugh, 7 of 9) had been all previously assimilated by the Borg Collective. This indicates that revisiting some of the more pivotal Borg moments is necessary for your Picard research.

The Borg appear in six episodes of The Upcoming Technology, just one episode of Deep Place 9, 1 episode of Enterprise, the movie Star Trek: Initially Call, and 23 episodes of Voyager. And, if you count each single episode of Voyager in which former-Borg 7 of Nine (Jeri Ryan) appears, which is 100 episodes suitable there. So which is probably a overall of 32 episodes or 108 Borg episodes and 1 attribute film, dependent on how you glimpse at it. That’s a ton of Borg to binge! So, in honor of Borg effectiveness, below are the 7 essential Borg stories to swiftly assimilate and assist make watching Star Trek: Picard even much more … participating.

Note: There are ZERO spoilers for Star Trek: Picard forward. Episode figures use the Netflix and CBS All-Obtain view buy for simplicity of bingeing.