Apple is rigorous in updating the iOS and nipping in the bud all the stability troubles and bugs. On Wednesday, Apple iphone 6 buyers pointed out a individual challenge of not obtaining complete accessibility and fully functioning features of the Twitter app.

Apple discontinued the Iphone 6 quite a few years ago. Nonetheless, some end users, owing to the gain of possessing whole entry to social media platforms and apps, ongoing to use it. The new updates and continued growth of advanced features of the Iphone prevented the consumers from accessing several apps and programs. One of them is the Twitter application. Buyers can download and set up the Twitter app on their iPhones.

The full entry and seamless options, on the other hand, are unavailable to people users who never have the updated model of iOS on their iPhones. Twitter application in the most up-to-date progress and technological evolution calls for at the very least iOS 14. All the iPhones having a reduced edition of the Apple iphone running program (iOS) just can’t obtain the comprehensive attributes and information feed of the Twitter app. In this short article, we will just take an awkward investigation of why Apple generally updates the iOS and what are the repercussions of this kind of demanding actions.

Apple iphone 6 and Apple iphone 5s no for a longer time help the Twitter application

For some Iphone people, the news of the Twitter application not enabling the Apple iphone 6 and Iphone 5s people can be shocking. Twitter is a large social media platform that has in excess of 290 million every month lively users.

What’s more, significant personalities all around the entire world use Twitter to Tweet political dynamics and business enterprise people use it to advertise their enterprise. The stance of not permitting the Iphone 6 and Apple iphone 5s consumers from this international conglomerate can certainly shock some. Nonetheless, some information can assuage the pensive emotions of Apple enthusiasts.

On Wednesday, the customers of the Apple iphone 6 reported possessing constrained functions on Twitter. Even with getting obtain to Twitter, they could not see the updated news feed and other breathtaking capabilities this kind of as looking at other connections.

There is not a lot Apple iphone 6 customers can do. Twitter is arduous and thorough in walking with the wave of technological evolution. Nonetheless, figuring out all these developments, some buyers were even now using the more mature versions of the Iphone.

iOS 12 and iOS 13

So, Twitter dropped the support for iOS 12 back again in 2021. Because then, the end users of equally Iphone 5s and Iphone 6 have been out of the game. Still, they could accessibility social media networks. The actual blow arrives with the unavailability of the main features of Twitter. These as Twitter news feed and Twitter notifications. The only accessibility to the profile image of the Twitter account was not of a lot use to the Apple iphone users.

In the the latest updates, Twitter dropped the aid for iOS 12 and iOS 13. It means that the consumers who have these operating programs in their iPhones can no for a longer time access and love the comprehensive features of the Iphone. Now there is a twist. Having the iOS 13 must not hassle you significantly. As you have the selection to improve to the much more up to date model, let us say iOS 14 and iOS 15. These two programs can award you the similar functions of Twitter you after have liked completely.

One particular query should have been tinkering in your intellect. Why does the Apple iphone even trouble to up grade the technique prerequisites so normally and frequently? So, to know the remedy to this question, let us move on to the following area of this article.

Why does Apple update iOS so generally and routinely?

Technology is prevailing in each and every area of daily life. The evolution of engineering tends to make astonishing points attainable. All-around the planet, technology is heading towards Synthetic Intelligence (AI) and the vastness of the universe. This is significant to know that the Iphone is the most superior cellular hand-established on earth.

Its processor, digicam success, and speed are mind-boggling when we evaluate it with world wide mobile sector competition. A lot more so, the rates of the iPhones are greater than other mobile handsets. So, it is natural, and the most expected matter to update the program consistently to revamp it much more accurately.

From time to time there are security challenges and often a basic will need to update an existing program. So, aspect updates and security updates stroll hand in hand for the Iphone. This keeps the bugs out of the Apple iphone and will help the end users to take pleasure in the most secured and secured program.

There’s excellent news for Iphone people

Twitter is restricting and outrightly obstructing full accessibility to the Apple iphone 6 and Iphone 5s users. This news was alarming and should be a source of taking preemptive actions. It is also relaxing to know that not all Apple iphone customers use the Iphone 6 and Iphone 5s. Only a small range of customers use the outdated variations of the Apple iphone.

According to the formal web-site of Apple, 63% of Iphone end users are functioning iOS 15. It is interesting to know that only 7% of Iphone users are functioning the iOS 13 or reduced versions. So, there is almost nothing to be concerned about as most Apple iphone users however have total accessibility to Twitter with no hindrance.

Wrap up

Twitter blocked the full entry and stopped doing work on Iphone 6. Individuals 1st suspected it was a bug or just a momentary concern. Nonetheless, later observations clarified that they have the outdated model of iOS that is incompatible with the hottest updates of Twitter. It is revealing that Twitter stopped giving complete access to iOS 12 back again in 2021.

In spite of this reality, Iphone consumers stored on applying the outdated versions. After the newest updates on Wednesday, Twitter is restricting the capabilities to the iOS 13 and outrightly stopping entry to the Twitter news feed. It may well feel as alarming, but only 7% of the Apple iphone buyers have the iOS 13 or older versions. This makes the adverse impression considerably less considerable. Let us see when Apple brings a new iOS for Iphone end users.


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