Using 3D Metal Printing to Fight Tradition

Chris Billings, co-founder and president of Duncan Machine Items, LLC (DMP), not too long ago shared the “Grandma’s Ham” tale to illustrate the paradigm he instils in his precision equipment store. The quick variation of the parable is that a female cuts off the ends of her ham before putting it in the oven. When asked why she removed the ends, she responds that she is accomplishing it the way that her mom did. Curious as to the profit, the girl asks her mom, “Why?” The mom states that she just did it the way she noticed her mom do it. When mom and daughter query grandma, her reaction is that she experienced to do it that way because her roasting pan was not major sufficient for a full ham. The ethical is that unquestioned traditions, or beliefs, will direct us to are living and act traditionally, forgoing the benefits of change.


In the 3D printing business, custom ties organizations to the engineering they have normally utilized, to the most effective tactics described many years back and to the design and style procedures tuned for legacy producing procedures. The ham story demonstrates us that custom can impede development, prohibit creativity and stymie innovation. It also exposes that we typically follow tradition without having even being aware of what we are executing. For far more information see the IDTechEx report on Metallic Additive Production 2020-2030.


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