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Debate Views AND AFTERTHOUGHTS: I viewed the “Battle of the Steves” U.S. Senate discussion Aug. 8 involving incumbent Republican Sen. Steve Daines and Democratic challenger Gov. Steve Bullock.

I don’t believe there were being any winners and equally candidates remaining with their dignity intact. As I get more mature I know these debates do not seem to be to change anyone’s thoughts. If you viewed as a Republican you in all probability remained Republican.

The candidates, moderator and reporters discuss the candidates' thoughts Saturday during the first U.S. Senate debate between GOP Sen. Steve Daines and Gov. Steve Bullock.

All through the one-hour of verbal jousting in a digital structure in which people participated from their homes and places of work, I bought about two dozen email messages from the camps of the two candidates difficult details or enjoying up what their man or woman experienced claimed.

“Boy, that was speedy,” I assumed.

Turns out, according to a single of the panelists, the debate was taped previously in the working day.